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Cardfight!! Vanguard: Turnabout (カードファイト!! ヴァンガード ターナバウト Kādofaito!! Vangādo Tānabauto) is a manga written by Akira Ito and drawn by Naoyuki Kageyama. It started to be seralized in Monthly Bushiroad from the 84th issue, and in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the whole franchise.

Plot Summary

The up-and-coming Vanguard Fighter who is active in the Euro league = Toshiki Kai, and the undefeated champion who reigns in the Dark Fight area = Olivier Gaillard. When the "Flames of Apocalypse" and the "Bluish Flames" meet, a new turn begins―



Chapter Listing

No. Japanese Title English Translation Published (Monthly Bushiroad)
#001 2つの炎 Two Flames August 7, 2020
#002 本気のファイト Serious Fight September 8, 2020
#003 ターナバウト・クラブ Turnabout Club October 8, 2020
#004 鋼のネーヴ Neve of Steel November 7, 2020
#005 新たな対戦相手 New Opponent December 8, 2020
#006 戦う理由 Fighting Reason January 8, 2021
#007 トヤオグループ Toyao Group February 8, 2021
#008 感覚 Sense March 8, 2021
#009 静かな世界 Quiet World April 8, 2021
#010 誇り Pride May 8, 2021
#011 櫂の望み June 8, 2021
#012 鋼の壁 July 8, 2021
#013 櫂トシキ August 6, 2021
#014 祝杯 September 8, 2021

Volume Listing

Vol. # Details Cover
01 VGTurnabout-Vol1.png
02 100px


  • Unlike other manga series before it, Turnabout is the first manga to use official cards directly printed on it, and including their card texts (with some exceptions).
  • Despite having shown V-icon.png cards in the 1st chapter (which are mostly from V-TD11), the rest are classic cards from the original series.

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