A new Vanguard leader!! Let's start Vanguard!!

—Official tagline

"Cardfight!! Vanguard EX" is the first Cardfight!! Vanguard video game to be released on both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, as well as the first video game on home consoles.



Coming soon.


Gameplay Mechanics

"EX Gift" allows the player to use the unique ability of defeated characters. There is at least seven abilities included, which are unlocked in the story mode. They can be chosen in the character's profile.

Ability Description
PSYqualia "PSYクオリア" Perceive the possibility that your opponent reveals a trigger when you have 4 damage or more.
Final Turn "ファイナルターン" If you announce "Final Turn", you can get more chances to get a critical trigger.
Resurrection "リザレクション" If you have 5 damage, you get more chance to get a heal trigger in a check.
All Out Attacker "オールアウトアタッカー" You get more chances to get a front trigger during a drive check.
Summon Draw "サモンドロー" If you have 3 or less cards, you get more chance to get a draw trigger in a check.
Critical Finish "クリティカルフィニッシュ" If your opponent has 4 or more damage, you get more chance to get a critical trigger in a drive check.
PSYqualia EX "PSYクオリア EX" You get more chance to get a trigger in a check.
Collect Ride "コレクトライド" You have a card of every grade in your opening hand.
Miha "ミーハー" See your opponent's opening hand.
Demon Soul "デモンソウル" When you soul charge, you have a higher chance of charging a normal unit.
Wait a minute! "ちょっとまった!" If you will get six damage, you can give the half of the battle's VP to heal 1 damage.
Eidetic Memory "直観像記憶能力" You can see the revealed cards of your opponent's hand.
Global Skill "グローバルスキル" You receive 20% VP extra after every fight, regardless the outcome.
Serious Fight "本気のファイ" You can nullify your opponent's EX Gift.







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