"Cardfight!! Vanguard Extra Story -IF-" is the fourth series of the Cardfight!! Vanguard anime, and as its name indicates, it belongs to the V-icon series reboot while at the same time it's not any sequel or prequel, featuring a world of different realities with alternate characters. However, certain details seem to say it would take place after events on Vanguard Koshien.

Plot Summary

Kouji Ibuki is a Vanguard Fighter. One day, Ibuki was called out to the Tatsunagi residence, when he was suddenly transported to the -IF- world. But the -IF- world has a distorted history, where cardfighting doesn't exist!?

In the -IF- world, Ibuki met with some mysterious girls. The magical girl Emi Sendou, and the fairy of the cards Shuka. They are the "Blaster Pair" that summons units from cards in their battle against the evil minions of Jammer!

And so the quartet of Ibuki, Emi, Shuka, and Suiko Tatsunagi who was caught up in the situation, begin their journey to recover the true history.


-IF- World's Characters

Original World's Characters





Episode Guide - Season 11
English Title
Japanese Title
Japanese Air Date
English Air Date
VES-IF-Episode1 1 The Vanguard's a Magical Girl!? 先導者は魔法少女!? May 30, 2020 -
VES-IF-Episode2 2 Battles in -if- use Magic!? ifの世界は魔法でバトル!? June 6, 2020 -
VES-IF-Episode3 3 Jammer's Tears!? An Idol's Pride! ジャマーの涙!?アイドルのプライド! June 13, 2020 -
VES-IF-Episode4 4 Bzzt! VF Gloves are Thriving!? ビリビリ!VFグローブ大繁盛!? June 20, 2020 -
VES-IF-Episode5 5 Enemy or Ally!? Mask, the Dark!! 敵か味方か!?マスク・ザ・ダーク!! June 27, 2020 -
VES-IF-Episode6 6 Say my name!? The Brutal Iron Mask Kyou!! Say my name!?キョウ悪な鉄仮面!! July 4, 2020 -
VES-IF-Episode7 7 It's Revealed!? Magical Girls' Encounter!! 今明かされる!?魔法少女の出会い!! July 11, 2020 -
VES-IF-Episode8 8 A Capital Incident!! Backstage Boss and the Terrifying Croquette?! キャピタル事変!!番長と恐怖のコロッケ!? July 18, 2020 -
VES-IF-Episode9 9 Not Handsome!? Call Forth the Passion!! 男前じゃない!?呼び覚ませ熱い想い!! July 25, 2020 -
VES-IF-Episode10 10 Can't Finish!! A Supernatural Food Fight?! 食べきれない!!超能力でフードファイト!? August 1, 2020 -
11 Great Quarrel!? Predicament!! Mascot Chara!! 大喧嘩!?難航!!マスコットキャラ!! August 8, 2020 -
12 IF Episode 12: Truth of the Mask 仮面の真実 August 15, 2020 -

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