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"Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Stride to Victory!!" is the third Cardfight!! Vanguard video game to be released on Nintendo 3DS.


  • Includes all cards and events from the Legion Mate season and Vanguard G (excluding Touken Ranbu).
  • Players may choose 1 from 10 exclusive characters at the start the game, as well as change it during the storyline.
  • Players will be able to start the game using one of the available Trial Decks.

New Functions

  • Fastest Mode - Cut the production and effect, it is a mode to raise the fight of speed to the fullest.
  • Communication Competition - Allow players to fight with National Players.

New Characters

Aki Narukami.png

Aki Narukami (VA: Yuto Suzuki)

"It's show time."

A boy with always unenergetic atmosphere. Although doesn't show much emotion at the surface, in Fight, you can catch a glimpse of his boiling heart!?

Alice Amane.png

Alice Amane (VA: Inori Minase)

"Humm...? You want to fight with me...?"

Always absent-minded, a girl with mysterious atmosphere. Though, in Fight, that girl challenges with an unimaginable high tension, far from her usual self.

An Kusakabe.png

An Kusakabe (VA: Rumi Okubo)

"I'll do my utmost best...!"

The previous work's protagonist (Rin Kusakabe)'s little sister. A quieter person than Rin, but her heart is just as strong. Even in Fights, she strongly and flexibly aims for victory.

Atsushi Tachibana.png

Atsushi Tachibana (VA: Nobuyuki Hiyama)

"I'm on full throttle today!"

The previous work's protagonist (Kazuya Tachibana)'s little brother. A running headlong, hot-blooded boy. When Fighting, of course, the tension climaxes!

Keisuke Izumi.png

Keisuke Izumi (VA: Yusuke Kobayashi)

"All right, I am your opponent."

A cool, without opening, and very careful boy. Even when Fighting, he calmly aims for victory.

Kirara Hanashima.png

Kirara Hanashima (VA: Reina Ueda)

"Let's have a fun fight!"

A girl with fluffy atmosphere. With a friendly personality by being considerate about the opponent's well-being, she face her opponent is a Fight politely.

Masato Hyuuga.png

Masato Hyuuga (VA: Mamoru Miyano)

"My seriousness, I'll show it to you!"

A bright and cheerful boy. A "cherishes friend more than others" type, even in a Fight, he fights together with his important card friends.

Ryuto Hyoudou.png

Ryuto Hyoudou (VA: Noriaki Sugiyama)

"I see it. The outcome of this game."

Usually has a cool atmosphere, in Fight, his chuunibyou-ness is fully opened as he opens up a passionate fight, a little strange boy.

Yui Sakura.png

Yui Sakura (VA: Yu Serizawa)

"Yup! I feel great!"

With a nature of always be there for people and an always smiling face, an energetic and bright girl. Always give her best in fights!

Yukino Mizuki.png

Yukino Mizuki (VA: Rina Satō)

"I don't expect you to hold back."

With a leadership that pull people around, an intellectual girl. Even in Fights, alongside her card friends, no matter who is her opponent, she will not hesitate to face them.

Original Trial Decks



Insert one of these passwords to obtain its respective item.

No. Item Password (Phonetic)
01 Clipping Deletor, Evo ににれなさいねた
02 Super Cosmic Hero, X-rogue もみすねみてと
03 Onmyo Regalia, Nega-keiopojisis かへけらせひう
04 Lady Searcher of Planetary Minerals うふねむちのへむ
05 Dandelion Musketeer, Mirkka めほかてもよわ
06 Harmonics Messiah たくふあふなひ
07 King of Knights, Alfred なるろれるをつ
08 Blaster Blade えれえつそうあ
09 Dragonic Overlord すけそらすあてあ
10 Fhamgal わなえひたのね
11 Twinkle Happiness☆, Pacifica わいもくにみの
12 Planet Idol, Pacifica すれゆまらほへそ
13 Costume Idol, Alk ちたうひたはえ
14 Costume Idol, Alk ぬおきれもとにそ
15 Aurora Star, Coral すれしぬめはも
16 Shangri-La Star, Coral ゆうのかさとふ
17 Duo Stage Storm, Iori わえりまへうは
18 Top Idol, Riviere さえへまりめわ
19 Bermuda Triangle Cadet, Shizuku めあしえひやけ
20 Velvet Voice, Raindear ほしぬえせとさ
21 Stealth Fiend, Lake Diver くめられちれぬ
22 Decipherer of Prohibited Books らにすむさそろお
23 Lizard Soldier, Bellog つきるぬせゆす
24 Dark Metal Chameleon ゆしひきちほを
25 Flying Librarian こきいすとつおふ
26 Steam Breath Dragon まよしせなたえい
27 Laurel Knight, Sicilus とをふねせえて
28 Valkyrie of Reclamation, Padmini うともふとさも
29 Kelpie Rider, Nikki はるしすはれよる
30 Destiny Dealer やれへむはりか