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CFZero-GameIcon Cardfight!! Vanguard ZERO was a digital card game for smartphones, released in December 2019 in Japan and early 2020 worldwide. A PC version was available through Shiftgames for Japanese users from March 30, 2020 to December 23, 2020.

The game ended its service on June 30, 2023 (JP, at 12:00 JST) and June 29, 2023 (EN Worldwide, at 20:00 PDT).


Cardfight!! Vanguard ZERO was a free-to-play game (with in-app purchases) which featured a story mode as well as online fights against other players. Its story mode followed the original 2011 anime with Aichi and his friends.

ZERO Gameplay[]

Certain mechanics are changed from the Standard Fight Rules to allow a better and faster interaction for mobile devices, including the following changes.


  • Some cards have new or different abilities, either for rebalancing purposes or to adjust to the changes in game mechanics. Some cards are also given a different grade from their original versions.
  • Card text was updated for simpler wording to fit better on mobile device screens.
  • Clan Fight rules are established by default, and all clan-based restrictions are removed from cards that originally had them.
  • A deck must have 40 cards, where the only grade 0 card is the first vanguard, and there must be exactly thirteen cards for each grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3 and 4 combined.
  • Because there are no other grade 0 cards in the deck, grade 3 and 4 cards are the trigger units. During deck construction, the player can assign trigger icons of their choice to each of them in their deck.
  • Rather than restricting cards from being used, such cards are given errata to make their effects less problematic.

Game Mechanics[]

  • G Assist is not available.
  • The player who will take the first turn is decided automatically at random.
  • The player taking the second turn draws two cards for their initial draw phase.
  • There is a hand size limit of 9 cards. If a new card is put into a player's hand while they already have 9 cards, that card is discarded to the drop zone immediately.
  • Cards can be brought into the game from outside the player's deck by card abilities. Cards created this way are treated as part of the player's deck for the rest of the fight. Additionally, cards can also be permanently removed from the game, in which case they're treated as no longer existing for the rest of the fight.
  • Players do not get to choose the cards that are turned face down for Counter Blast; cards in the damage zone are turned face down in order from oldest to newest. Damage cards that are healed are likewise removed from oldest to newest, prioritizing cards that are already face down.
    • By default, this is the same for Soul Blast, with cards removed from the soul from oldest to newest, but there is an option ("Selective Soul Blast") which can be enabled for players who want to be able to choose the cards they use for Soul Blast.
  • The Japanese version includes a "Ride Support Function": Each player is guaranteed to have a non-sentinel grade 1 and grade 2 card when they draw their opening hand. The hand exchange is still available, so an ideal hand is even more possible.
  • Any abilities that the opponent would activate during the player's turn are activated automatically when their conditions are met.
  • After a player performs Stride or Ultimate Stride, the player draws a card.


  • Units have no [Shield] Shield icon value. The guardian circle is removed, and there is no guard step.
  • The intercept Sk intercept skill works differently: If a player has any rear-guards with intercept Sk intercept in the front row, their opponent must remove them before they can attack the units without intercept Sk intercept. Some abilities allow attacks to ignore this.
  • When a drive check reveals a trigger unit, that card is put into the drop zone after resolving its effects. If it reveals a normal unit, that card is put on the bottom of the player's deck instead.
  • The [Critical] Critical icon+1 effect of a critical trigger is automatically given to the vanguard.
  • When your vanguard is dealt damage by your opponent's attack, after the damage check is performed, your vanguard gets [Power] Power icon+5000 until end of turn, in addition to any trigger effects that activated while taking damage from the attack. This is known as "Damage Shield". All trigger effects resulting from the damage check are automatically given to the vanguard.
  • Perfect Guards automatically activate themselves when specific conditions are met.



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  • Even though TMS Entertainment doesn't have the rights to the Cardfight!! Vanguard franchise anymore, their images and assets are used in this game. However, the official logo is that from OLM Inc.