List of official events, organized by release date from latest to oldest.


Ongoing Events
Banner Name Date Type
ShingoReverseEvent-Title.png Recapturing Miyaji Academy! Side: Shingo 2021: February 17th (12:00) to February 27th (04:59) Clan Event
BeWithYouEvent-Title.png Be With You 2021: February 5th (12:00) to February 15th (04:59) Season Event

Past Events
Banner Name Date Type
QuartetofFriendshipEvent-Title.png Card Capital's Presentation Quartet ♪ 2021: January 18th (12:00) to January 27th (04:59) Clan Event
ReverseToshikiKaiEvent-Title.png Rival Event ~Яeverse Toshiki Kai~ 2021: January 1st (12:00) to January 11st (04:59) Rival Event
HolyNightEvent-Title.png Welcome♪ Holy Night Party 2020: December 18th (12:00) to December 28th (04:59) Season Event
NinjaMasterResurrectionEvent-Title.png An Invasion during Turbulent Times!? The Resurrection of Ninja Master NEO 2020: December 4th (10:00) to December 14th (04:59) Clan Event
MikoCollabEvent-Banner.png Miko Sakura × Vanguard ZERO 2020: November 17th (10:00) to November 27th (04:59) Collaboration Event
GoukiReverseEvent-Title.png Яeverse! Gouki's 100 Million Pirates Plan!! 2020: November 4th (12:00) to November 14th (04:59) Clan Event
HalloweenEvent-Title.png Welcome Halloween Festa!! 2020: October 19th (10:00) to October 29th (04:59) Season Event
IzakiBreakthroughEvent-Title.png Breakthrough, Izaki! After-school Training 2020: October 5th (12:00) to October 15th (04:59) Clan Event (Tachikaze)
SuiseiCollabEvent-Banner.png Suisei Hoshimachi × Vanguard ZERO 2020: September 17 to September 27th (04:59) Collaboration Event
Autumn Festival 2020: September 15th (5:00) to October 15th (23:59) My Room Event
KomoiStyleEvent-Title.png Aiming for the VF Koshien! Komoi-style Serious Special Training! 2020: September 3rd (12:00) to September 13th (4:59) Clan Event (Murakumo)
A Classic Summer! 2020: July 23rd (5:00) to August 31st (23:59) My Room Event
CrusherDestroyerEvent-Title.png Destroyer VS Challenger 2020: August 19th (12:00) to August 25th (04:59) Clan Event (Spike Brothers)
SummerCampEvent-Title.png Encouraging Youth!! Summer Training Camp 2020: August 5th (12:00) to August 15th (04:59) Season Event
Special Friend Fight Week 2020: August 3rd (5:00) to August 7th (28:59), and August 11st (5:00) to August 14th (28:59) Special Event
MegacolonyCorpsEvent-Title.png Sortie! Megacolony Corps 2020: July 22nd (12:00) to August 3rd (04:59) Clan Event (Megacolony)
IzakiDestinyEvent-Title.png Strive Forward, Izaki! Destined for Victory 2020: July 10th (12:00) to July 20th (04:59) Clan Event (Tachikaze)
TrioofFriendshipEvent-Title.png Mai's Trio and the Flower Stickers 2020: June 26th (12:00) to July 7th (04:59) Clan Event (Neo Nectar)
DreamBrideEvent-Title.png Bridal Dress of Dreams 2020: June 12th (13:00) to June 21st (23:59) Season Event
AichiBirthdayEvent-Banner.png Aichi Birthday Festival 2020: June 1st (13:00) to June 15th (23:59) Half Anniversary Event
CrusherSnowEvent-Title.png Avenger from the Alps 2020: May 28th (13:00) to June 9th (23:59) Clan Event (Spike Brothers)
HotSpringCampEvent-Title.png Hot Spring Training Camp 2020: May 14th (13:00) to May 23rd (23:59) Season Event
GoukiResolutionEvent-Title.png Gouki Daimonji's Resolve ~A Man Must Prove Himself~ 2020: May 1st (13:00) to May 10th (23:59) Clan Event (Granblue)
SpecialCharaFightEvent-Title.png Special Character Fight Week 2020: April 17th (??:00) to April 26th (23:59) Special Event
FlowerFightEvent-Title.png Fight Over Flowers♪ 2020: April 3rd (14:00) to April 12th (13:59) Season Event
ConcertoofFriendshipEvent-Title.png Mai & Emi's Friendship Concerto 2020: March 19th (14:00) to March 28th (23:59) Clan Event (Neo Nectar)
WhiteDayEvent-Title.png WhiteDay for you...? 2020: March 6th (14:00) to March 15th (13:59) Season Event
RevengeofCrusherEvent-Title.png Revenge of Crusher 2020: February 17th (14:00) to February 26th (13:59) Clan Event (Spike Brothers)
ValentinesEvent-Title.png Valentine for you! 2020: February 6th (14:00) to February 15th (13:59) Season Event
GoukiChallengeEvent-Title.png Gouki Daimonji's Challenge ~The Burning Heart of a Pirate~ 2020: January 17th (16:00) to January 26th (13:59) Clan Event (Granblue)
KimonoMaidensEvent-Title.png For Wishes and Kimono Maidens 2020: January 1st (00:00) to January 10th (13:59) Season Event
ChristmasEvent-Title.png Stand Up the Christmas 2019: December 17th (14:00) to December 26th (13:59) Season Event

Ongoing and Future Events
Banner Name Date Type
200px New Year's Wishes 2021: January 2nd (17:00 PST) to January 11th (23:59 PST) Season Event

Past Events
Banner Name Date Type
200px Shingo Komoi's Big Lesson!! 2020: December 17th (19:00 PST) to December 26th (23:59 PST) Clan Event (Murakumo)
200px Suisei Hoshimachi × Vanguard ZERO 2020: December 2nd (19:00 PST) to December 11th (23:59 PST) Collaboration Event
200px Christmas Memories 2020: December 2nd (19:00 PST) to December 11th (23:59 PST) Season Event
200px Crusher VS Challenger 2020: November 17th (19:00 PST) to November 26th (23:59 PST) Clan Event (Spike Brothers)
200px Summer Memories 2020: November 2nd (19:00 PST) to November 11th (23:59 PST) Season Event
MegacolonyCorpsEvent-TitleEN.png Attack of the Megacolony! 2020: October 17th (19:00 PDT) to October 26th (23:59 PDT) Clan Event (Megacolony)
DreamBrideEvent-TitleEN.png Wedding Dress Dreams 2020: October 1st (19:00 PDT) to October 10th (23:59 PDT) Season Event
IzakiDestinyEvent-TitleEN.png Izaki's Lucky Stars 2020: September 15th (19:00 PDT) to September 25th (23:59 PDT) Clan Event (Tachikaze)
FlowerFightEvent-TitleEN.png Cherry Blossom Memories 2020: September 1st (19:00 PDT) to September 10th (23:59 PDT) Season Event
TrioofFriendshipEvent-TitleEN.png Mai's Trio and the Flower Stickers 2020: August 15th (19:00 PDT) to August 24th (23:59 PDT) Clan Event (Neo Nectar)
HotSpringCampEvent-TitleEN.png Hot Spring Training Camp 2020: August 1st (19:00 PDT) to August 10th (23:59 PDT) Season Event
CrusherSnowEvent-TitleEN.png Avenger from the Alps 2020: July 18th (19:00 PDT) to July 27th (23:59 PDT) Clan Event (Spike Brothers)
GoukiResolutionEvent-TitleEN.png Gouki Daimonji's Resolve ~A Man Must Prove Himself~ 2020: July 3rd (19:00 PDT) to July 12th (23:59 PDT) Clan Event (Granblue)
ConcertoofFriendshipEvent-TitleEN.png Mai & Emi's Friendship Concerto 2020: June 18th (19:00 PDT) to June 27th (23:59 PDT) Clan Event (Neo Nectar)
WhiteDayEvent-TitleEN.png WhiteDay Memories 2020: June 3rd (19:00 PDT) to June 12th (23:59 PDT) Season Event
ValentinesEvent-TitleEN.png Valentine Memories 2020: May 19th (4:00 PDT) to May 28th (23:59 PDT) Season Event
RevengeofCrusherEvent-TitleEN.png Revenge of Crusher 2020: May 5th (4:00 PDT) to May 14th (23:59 PDT) Clan Event (Spike Brothers)
GoukiChallengeEvent-TitleEN.png Gouki Daimonji's Challenge ~The Burning Heart of a Pirate~ 2020: April 20th (4:00 PDT) to April 29th (23:59 PDT) Clan Event (Granblue)

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