Card Shop can be accessed by tapping the 4th icon (Assisticat in a shopping cart), which will bring you to the card shop counter.

Usually Misaki Tokura will be here, but if you use her for the home skin, Taishi Miwa will be here instead.


Buying Gems

Players can purchase varying amounts of gems using real-world currency. Gems are the main in-app currency used in Cardfight!! Vanguard Zero. Players can also purchase a VIP Pass, which grants them 630 gems right away plus 50 free gems every day for the next 14 days.


Main article: Fighters Gacha

Item Exchange

Various things related to cardfights may be purchased here. There are three currencies that can be used here:

  • V Medal - used to buy alternate art versions of cards (mainly first vanguards and iconic cards), My Room coins, gacha tickets and special characters.
    • V medals can be acquired with the gacha, where each pack from the gacha also grants the player one V medal. They can also be acquired by participating in tournaments.
  • Sentinel Medal - as the name suggests, can be exchanged for sentinel cards.
    • Each sentinel costs 1 sentinel medal. Each sentinel card may be purchased up to 4 times using sentinel medals.
    • Players can get up to 2 sentinel medals per season by collecting VP points. For more information, see Rank Fight.
  • V Coupon - exchangeable for alternate art cards.
    • V coupons can be gained by participating in tournaments.

Event Currency Exchange

Some special events may have their own currencies. These currencies may be exchanged at this shop for promotional items related to the event. The event currencies are:

  • Snow Crystal - exchangeable for Bermuda Triangle sleeves. Codes for Snow Crystals can be obtained in V Extra Booster 11: Crystal Melody booster packs.
  • White Day Bouquet - acquirable during the White Day 2020 celebration, usable for sleeves and alternate skins for special characters.
  • Neo Nectar Coin - acquirable during the pre-release celebration of the Neo Nectar clan, usable for Mai Tobita- and Neo Nectar-related items.
  • Gran Coin - acquirable during the pre-release celebration of the Granblue clan, usable for pirate- and Granblue-related items.
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