Cardfight Pack Vol.6 (ENG) is the 6th English Promo Pack.


  • Total of 6 different cards. All cards rarity PR = Promo Cards.
  • Each pack comes with a single card only.
  • All cards are in English.
  • Given out only on officially recognized local stores.
  • These are given out as weekly tournament prizes and also given out on tournament entry registration for free.
  • These packs are not for sale.

Code Name Grade Clan Trigger Rarity
PR/0050EN Cannon Fire Dragon, Sledge Ankylo 0 Tachikaze Draw PR
PR/0051EN Genie Soldat 2 Kagero PR
PR/0052EN Water General of Wave-like Spirals, Benedict 3 Aqua Force PR
PR/0053EN Holy Edge Knight 3 Gold Paladin PR
PR/0054EN Stealth Fiend, Gashadokuro 3 Murakumo PR
PR/0055EN Earth Gunner 3 Dark Irregulars PR
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