"Blaster Blade" is missing...! Help Aichi to retrieve it from Planet Cray!!

—Official tagline

"Cardfight Run" is an English exclusive Cardfight!! Vanguard minigame for limited time.


You take the control of Aichi Sendou who runs automatically while you make him jump through an endless level.

  • Collect 4 Royal Paladin clan icon to get a Blaster Blade card.
  • Avoid five different Dragon Empire clan icons and rocks.
  • You can click once for a low jump, and hold for a high jump.
  • The game ends when you lose all 3 health.


At the end of the duration, the top 10 of players with the higher scores get the following prizes.

An additional V-BT03, V-TD05, or V-TD06 will be added for every 100 shares and/or retweets for the campaign to a lucky draw pool (up to a maximum of 6 Trial Decks).


To be added.

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