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[[Cosmo Healer, Ergodiel (V Series) ]]

Angel (エンジェル Enjeru) is a race found in the Royal Paladin, Oracle Think Tank, Angel Feather, Shadow Paladin, Gold Paladin, Genesis, Nova Grappler, and Dark Irregulars clans, and unique in the Keter Sanctuary nation. Angels are a race of winged humanoids, generally associated with light and holiness.

The majority of angels are members of Angel Feather, hence the name, but angels can be found in all six United Sanctuary clans; however, only Angel Feather has angels as primary deck focuses, and in other clans, angels are generally found in grades 0 to 2 as support. Angels in Shadow Paladin, as well as the two in Dark Irregulars, tend to be fallen angels. Nova Grappler has one angel, Machinery Angel, which reflects its diverse array of participants.

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