Cardfight!! Vanguard ZERO features a number of aspects that fighters can change and use as they wish, such as sleeves, personal profile, and different characters.

Title Honourifics

One of the default honourifics

Titles (称号 Shōgō) are banners which can be used in a fighter's personal profile.

Card Sleeves

Default blue sleeve

Sleeves (スリーブ Surību) change the visual aspect of the card back.

Fight Skins

Aichi Sendou, a playable character for Royal Paladin

Fight Skins (ファイトスキン Faitosukin) are the characters used during fights. If a fighter wants to use a certain skin, they can only use the clans allowed by that character.

Fighter Emblems

One of the default emblems

Emblems (エンブレム Enburemu) are icons that can be be used in a fighter's personal profile.

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