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"Dryad" is a shared race found in Etranger and Neo Nectar.


Who are the "Dryads"? (Card of the Day 18th December 2014)

Dryads is the general name for the plants stored with mana and the spirits born from these magical plants naturally. They are found in the green nation "Neo Nectar". Among the dryads, the trees stored with mana are also called "Ent". Their forms vary with the plants they are born from and the nature of the mana, and in many cases they take forms ranging from kids to teenagers. Their looks are not necessarily correlated to their actual age, so even if they look like children, many of them are spirits of trees which have lived for centuries. Their task is to protect and nurture the lives of plants. They live with trees in the forest, and they do not hesitate to stake their lives repelling intruders who dare to desecrate the forest.

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