Arboros Dragon, Sephirot (V Series)

Forest Dragon (フォレストドラゴン Foresuto Doragon) is a race unique to the Neo Nectar clan. Forest Dragons are plant- and insect-like dragons that dwell in the forests of Neo Nectar.


Who are the Forest Dragons? (Card of the Day, 23rd January 2015)

Forest dragons are dragons residing in the forests of the green nation "Neo Nectar", surrounded by rich nature. Their origin is mysterious, and one hypothesis states that they are generated from the mana released by venerable great trees with enormous mana storage. Forest dragons are classified into "fairy dragons" with insect-like wings (ex. Glass Beads Dragon) and "grass dragons" with plant-like body tissue (ex. Arboros Dragon, Sephirot). They possess the magical powers over fauna and flora respectively, and they bring magnificent growth and blessings to the creatures living in the forests.

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