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Blaster Blade (V Series)

Human (ヒューマン Hyūman) is a race found in many nations. The humans of Cray are similar to those found on Earth, but possess magic and advanced technology exceeding that of Earth's. Humans are among the most populous races on Planet Cray, with high representation across most of Cray's nations.

Humans play a more major role in some clans than others. In some clans, like Royal Paladin and Gold Paladin, humans make up a majority of the units, including boss units. In other clans, like Oracle Think Tank and Dark Irregulars, humans play a major role but do not dominate. In still more clans, like Kagero and Dimension Police, humans are plentiful but serve as support to the main bosses of the clan (usually dragons).

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Humans along with insects are the only race found on both Cray and Earth.

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