Chouchou Debut Stage, Tirua

"Chouchou" (Chouchouシュシュ Shushu) are a series of Mermaid cards that include "Chouchou" in its card name exclusive to the Bermuda Triangle clan, and introduced in G Trial Deck 14: Debut of the Divas.


iGP (Idol Good Point) Project "Chouchou"

It is an idol project planned by a major producer, aiming to make full use of the hidden "good points" of young idols. The project's exorbitant details made ripples and waves inside and outside the idol society when it was publicized. The number of over 100 members is unprecedented, but it was its recruitment requirement "a person with a good point", made the project a hot topic. The catchphrase basically means "everyone is okay to join", attracting interests from many people, and Project "Chouchou" had become a hot topic before launching. On the day of audition, the number of participants broke the record in the history of "Bermuda Triangle", and the number of audience easily surpassed the capacity of "Deep 1", the biggest stage on the seabed.


This series focuses mainly on send their own rear-guards back into the deck, rather than return them to the hand, and gain benefit for doing it. They can also draw cards, as well as call cards from the hand during the battle phase.

Sets containing "Chouchou" cards

Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
G Clan Booster 5: Prismatic Divas 15
G Clan Booster 7: Divas' Festa 16

Trial and Start Decks

Set Name No. of Cards
G Trial Deck 14: Debut of the Divas 19

List of "Chouchou" cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Chouchou, Amalia Mermaid
Chouchou, Hulala Mermaid
Chouchou, Ietta Mermaid Trigger (Critical)
Chouchou, Meret Mermaid Trigger (Draw)
Chouchou, Merluse Mermaid Trigger (Stand)
Chouchou, Milena Mermaid Trigger (Heal)
Chouchou, Namig Mermaid Trigger (Stand)
Chouchou, Pitte Mermaid Trigger (Draw)
Chouchou, Putilna Mermaid Trigger (Critical)
Chouchou, Richell Mermaid Trigger (Heal)
Chouchou, Roberta Mermaid Trigger (Critical)
Chouchou, Sasha Mermaid
Chouchou, Serah Mermaid Trigger (Critical)

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Chouchou, Akina Mermaid
Chouchou, Arim Mermaid
Chouchou, Clenes Mermaid
Chouchou, Corrin Mermaid Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Chouchou, Irune Mermaid
Chouchou, Malviz Mermaid
Chouchou, Marl Mermaid
Chouchou, Melare Mermaid
Chouchou, Praire Mermaid
Chouchou, Resaca Mermaid
Chouchou, Sabrina Mermaid
Chouchou, Schera Mermaid
Chouchou, Sonia Mermaid
Chouchou, Tino Mermaid Sentinel (Perfect Guard)

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Chouchou, Ayana Mermaid
Chouchou, Blanche Mermaid
Chouchou, Darina Mermaid
Chouchou, Lirun Mermaid
Chouchou, Listella Mermaid
Chouchou, Milda Mermaid
Chouchou, Nanane Mermaid
Chouchou, Ranfa Mermaid
Chouchou, Selviz Mermaid
Chouchou, Suguri Mermaid
Chouchou, Torua Mermaid

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Chouchou Debut Stage, Tirua Mermaid
Chouchou, Lucille Mermaid
Chouchou, Melviz Mermaid
Chouchou, Muritz Mermaid
Chouchou, Parral Mermaid
Chouchou, Pierine Mermaid
Chouchou, Piorina Mermaid
Chouchou, Verne Mermaid

Grade 4

Card Name Race Type
Chouchou Cradle Lullaby, Milena Mermaid G unit (G guardian)
Chouchou Engage Lead, Platy Mermaid G unit (G guardian)
Chouchou Headliner, Lapria Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Chouchou, Lillinel Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Chouchou Lively Icon, Ilya Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Chouchou, Palffy Mermaid G unit (G guardian)
Chouchou Popular Favor, Tirua Mermaid G unit (Stride)

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