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Now, show me the world that I truly desire!

—Chrono Shindou's catchphrase

Chrono Shindou (しんどう クロノ Shindō Kurono) is the main protagonist of Cardfight!! Vanguard G. Before getting into Vanguard, he was anti-social, and wasn't interested in much of anything. However, since getting into Vanguard, his personality underwent a complete overhaul. He later formed Team TRY3 with Tokoha Anjou and Shion Kiba. Chrono was the key person who resolved the Stride Gate incident. In Cardfight!! Vanguard G: NEXT he is a 1st year student enrolled at Harumi High School and becomes a part time worker in Card Capital 2 while fighting challengers as the Generation Master. He later forms Team Striders with Taiyou Asukawa and Kazuma Shouji after TRY3 splits up. His Vanguard Circle's color is violet-red.

After defeating Gastille, he temporarily owned the Dark Zone's Zeroth Dragon, Zeroth Dragon of End of the World, Dust. He then loses it alongside his G zone after his loss against Dragon Deity of Destruction, Gyze but regained it after performing Dimensional Overstride with Chrono Dran.


His surname "Shindō" (新導) in Japanese means "New Lead", while his first name "Chrono" means "time".


Chrono has messy red hair with a pink swirl in the middle and has green eyes.

At first, he usually wears a purple school uniform with a red shirt underneath but later on, he wears a blue jacket with a brown trousers and black boots in his casual outfit. In Turn 27 and onward, he is shown to wear a white sleeveless jacket with black linings.

In Cardfight! Vanguard G:GIRS Crisis, he is shown wearing a red jacket with black and white linings with a yellow tee underneath it and wearing white colored trousers.

In Cardfight! Vanguard G:NEXT he is taller and his facial structure and hairstyle has changed a bit that makes it similar to his father. When he is in school, he wears his school uniform which consist of a white shirt, blue suit, red tie, and black trousers. His casual outfit consist of a red jacket which is similar to the one he wore during GIRS Crisis and Stride Gate arc, a yellow shirt underneath, and white jeans. After the first stage of the U20, he's wearing a black overtop v-necked jumper rolled up to his elbows with a white t-shirt under the jumper and skinny turquoise denim jeans down to his ankles with gray laces loafer sneakers with no socks.


Chrono first appears as an unmotivated and bored person who according to himself "every day of [his] life is boring". He keeps a cold an uninterested expression nearly at all times and talks mostly with incomplete phrases in a low tone and often uses the expression "huh...". Chrono has very poor social skills; he frequently intimidates others accidentally and rarely smiles except when card-fighting, and when trying to be friendly and polite he is instead seen by others as awkward and at times he can have trouble remembering other people.

Chrono showed minimal interest on trying new things, as he only decided to find out about Vanguard because one of the cards shares his name and was reluctant to play against Kamui, agreeing only because of the latter's insistence. Though usually stoic and calmed, Chrono can become more aggressive and emotional when taunted enough. When Chrono catches someone engaging in bad behavior, he tends to see that as justification for violence and at first he often solved his problems with violence. As a result, everyone at his school is scared of him. He strongly dislikes being mocked about his swirl on his hair.

Having grown in an orphanage where he apparently didn't have any friends and was ignored by everyone, Chrono developed a very low opinion of himself, as when he remembered himself when younger his vision commented that "[they] don't have anything", which likely resulted in his loner personality. Kouji Ibuki pointed out he fears loneliness despite wanting to be alone. Despite living with his aunt now, he is often left alone and aims to become independent as soon as possible. He has an easy time sympathizing with orphans since and those who have a low self-esteem just like him, and appears to be liked by younger kids. According to Mikuru he often sneaks out of the house and avoids her so she wouldn't think he's a burden.

While playing Vanguard he got quickly excited by it, although at first he had a hard time imagining as his first attack image was rather pathetic. He was fascinated by Vanguard's lore and Stride's ideal of a possibility for a new future, allowing to show a much better attack image when attacking with his G unit. Having won his first match he decided to learn more about the game and why no one else has a Gear Chronicle deck. Chrono considers that winning or losing a match doesn't matter as much as the passionate feel of fighting. He has come to consider Gear Chronicle a friend, and wants to find out who gave him the deck.

Chrono is also shown to be very gullible, having believed every word of Nagisa's sob story, and even believing Kamui's over-dramatic story about him and Chrono, even though Chrono of all people should know that it is a lie. He have also believed Morikawa's story about him being Kamui's teacher. He's very stubborn at times, such as when he was worried about the Dragon Empire Grill's success or when he took Shion and Tokoha to the beach to cheer them up. Chrono is quite rash but at the same time selfless, betting four sandwiches on a cardfight, then giving them away when he won as an apology for accidentally insulting Tokoha despite the fact that he bought them for Kamui, Shin, and Misaki as well.

As he continues to play Vanguard, his social skills have slowly improved. When he was thrown a party to celebrate his victory against Jaime and reaching Grade 2 he was awkward as usual, but soon found himself enjoying the party. At first he had a poor opinion of Tokoha and Shion and considered both of them to be annoying. When the three were forced to become a team their cooperation was minimal and they constantly bickered. However, after they help him reach Grade 3, he slowly warmed up to them and came to consider them friends, enough to spend a whole day trying to cheer them up after losing the Regional tournament. Chrono has a habit of getting overly excited with things he finds interesting.

While his anger problems have improved somewhat, he still tends to take matters into his own hands as shown with Team Trick Trick. He can also resort to insults and harsh comments when trying to help others, like when Shion tried to quit Vanguard.When he is in school his personality is somewhat brooding and aloof and he is seen with a serious brooding expression on his face similar to Kai and Misaki.

According to Kanzaki, Chrono can be easily motivated by rage.


Chrono possesses above average luck, able to pull off feats such as successfully activate Mystery Flare Dragon's skill on the first try. It's suggested that it is in fact so powerful that it's not actually luck at all, but rather Chrono's will changing fate in his favor.

It has been stated on several occasions that Chrono has a strong imagination, which is said to be a valuable skill in a cardfighter.

As shown in episode 1, Chrono is capable of hearing the voices of beings of Cray.

Chrono possesses incredible athletic ability, as shown when he caught two fortunes with his head.

Chrono by virtue of having to take care of himself due to Mikuru's demanding job is also rather good at taking care of himself and domestic chores such as cooking. For example in GC turn 22 he was shown to be familiar enough with cooking to gut fish.


Pre-Vanguard G

Chrono's mother died shortly after he was born and his father disappeared ten years prior to the start of the anime. Because Mikuru, his only remaining relative, was too young to raise him, he was taken to an orphanage. During this time, he developed a loner's complex bordering on anti-social behavior. Eventually Mikuru, now an adult, took Chrono to live with her and became his legal guardian. Chrono has become an infamous student at his school and has earned a reputation for being somewhat of a delinquent due to his bored, easily irritable personality and tendency of solving things with violence.

Vanguard G

One day, he arrives at school to find a Vanguard deck in his shoe locker, as well as directions on how to get to Card Capital 2. However, he doesn't think much about it until he notices one of the cards has "Chrono" on its name. When he gets there, he witnesses a Vanguard Fight between Kamui Katsuragi and Mamoru Anjou. After the fight, he is approached by Kamui and finds out he has a Gear Chronicle deck, a brand new clan. He then plays against Kamui, using the Stride technique to win a turnaround victory after hearing a voice coming from a dilapidated statue of Interdimensional Dragon, Mystery-flare Dragon.

Kamui congratulates Chrono for his victory and noticed the curious fact that his clan "Gear Chronicle" shares part of his name. After winning, he decides to learn more about Vanguard and the "possibility of a new future" that Stride offers. When he leaves, he runs past Aichi Sendou for a moment.

The next day, Chrono returns to Card Capital 2 and meets Shin Nitta as well as "Team Trinity Dragon", who quickly jokes about one of his cards sharing his name. Kamui gives Chrono a Fica and is introduced to the VG network. Kamui helps Chrono during his first quest: help a kid find his lost Perfect Raizer. Chrono deduces that a crow took the card and is forced to fight against Tsuneto for it. Annoyed by Tsuneto's constant jokes, Chrono proceeds to beat him down and completes the quest. When returning to Card Capital 2, he meets Misaki Tokura.

Chrono starts taking quests regularly, often being forced to beat Trinity Dragon to them. When taking a quest to help a guy learn how to use Kagero he runs into Kouji Ibuki who claims he inherited the quest. Chrono fights Ibuki using the GIRS system which creates holograms of the cards based on the user's image. During the fight, Ibuki constantly points out Chrono's flaws as a fighter. Angered by this, Chrono attempts to Stride which unknown to him causes Mystery Flare Dragon to appear in the real world until GIAS overloads and shuts down. Frustrated by the result and Ibuki's comments, Chrono yells in frustration.

One day, Chrono is accused of having thrown a ball to a group of students but is defended by Shion Kiba and later suggested by Tokoha Anjou to try to be friendlier. Later that day he gets a mysterious pack addressed to him which contains a Gear Chronicle card, Interdimensional Dragon, Chronoscommand Dragon. Chrono then takes a quest to retrieve a card that a kid left at his Grandmother's house. As usual, Chrono intimidates Reiko so she refuses to let him search for the card. Chrono tries to follow Tokoha's advice and be friendly, but he just gives a creepy smile which makes Reiko think he is sick. After being forced to do some chores, Shion appears revealing that he is doing the same quest, except he had a much easier time getting the card. The two fight to decide who wins the quest, and Chrono wins using his new G unit but comments that he dislikes Shion.

Later he is challenged by Kumi Okazaki, Tokoha's friend, who is a beginner but a very strong opponent; although Chrono was feeling off of his game because of his toothache. Soon afterwards, Kamui takes him to see the Dragon Empire HQ to meet Mamoru Anjou but got caught up when the mascot Vangarou, who is really the Branch Chief and Narukami Clan Leader, takes him away to cardfight him, only to be interrupted when Mamoru finds them. Later Mamoru asks for a fight but Chrono declines and insists on becoming a fighter strong enough to take him on.

He encounters Jaime Alcaraz later traveling around town with him and sees his fight against Mamoru. Inspired by this, he accepts a quest for a tournament that can advance him to Grade 2. However, he helps Jaime around town again missing his chance. In compensation, Jaime challenges Chrono for the points to promote him via quest the next day. With the skill of Interdimensional Dragon, Mystery-flare Dragon to grant him an extra turn, he is able to overcome Jaime and completes the Quest and becomes a Grade 2 Fighter.

The next day, Kamui asked him to come to Card Capital 2 immediately. When Chrono arrived, he was surprised by a party that Kamui and Trinity Dragon planned for him. Later, Kamui found out they were out of food so he took Trinity Dragon to go shopping and he came back with Tokoha, Kumi, and Shion. Tokoha then cooked them a proper stew. After the meal, Chrono and his friends played Ping Pong and he kept pointing out how bad Tokoha was at it, after that all the kids and Kamui went to get some ice cream. They then decided to go to the playground and Chrono laughed at the prank Kumi and Kamui pulled on Trinity Dragon to scare them. When they returned to the shop, they decided to have an "Epic cardfight until Dawn" and Shin had to phone everyone’s parents, except Chrono who's Aunt was away. After the cardfight, Tokoha noticed Chrono was Drawing on Tsuneto's Face and she decided to join in. They also managed to make Shion do it to Kamui but they had to flee as Kamui was waking up. Before going to sleep themselves, they drew on each others faces to ensure they weren't caught. They were woken up by Misaki the next morning, who asked them what had happened. She told them to wash their faces then help clean up the store.

The next day, Chrono met a wandering man named Takeru who was walking on his hands. Chrono just ignored it until Takeru fainted from hunger, so Chrono got him some food. Takeru then thanked him and asked him for a fight but Chrono declined as he thought he meant with fists so he ran. Takeru found him but collapsed again, so Chrono had to feed him again in a card shop. Chrono then saw Shion defeating many fighters. Takeru told Chrono he had fought Shion and then Chrono realizes what kind of fight Takeru wanted and challenged him, to which Takeru accepted. Chrono had trouble against Takeru's Narukami units and his G unit Supreme Conquering Dragon, Conquest Dragon as they were retiring his Units, but Chrono was able to win with his New G unit Interdimensional Dragon, Faterider Dragon. After the fight, Takeru told Chrono to go to Nationals and Chrono said when he becomes Grade 3 he will.

At the Dragon Empire Festival Chrono and his friends made a takoyaki stand that ended up being very popular (even Ren Suzugamori came to get some). While on his break, Chrono met Mamoru and they had a chat about how the festival brought so many people. Chrono then got his picture drawn by an artist. Later Chrono brought a lost kid to the staff tent and saw Mamoru was Vangarou so he covered the kid's eyes. After another talk with Mamoru, Chrono told Mamoru that he is excited about getting to fight him and Mamoru said that he felt the same. Chrono teamed up with Shion and Kumi to fight Mamoru as a team but Kumi got a call from home so she gave Tokoha her spot. After Trinity Dragon was defeated, Chrono's team was up next; Tokoha was defeated easily, followed by Shion, and then Chrono. Later, Chrono told Shion that Mamoru knew he had no Perfect Guard, so instead of Striding he used Blade Master's Generation break to gain a Critical and Shion said he also must have known what he had in his hand to but it was still a great fight. They then were forced by Tokoha to dance by the campfire.

Soon after, he was challenged by Tokoha to a cardfight for the croquette bread he bought. The fight was going smoothly until Chrono called her "Mamoru's little sister" which resulted in Tokoha's misplay with her g-unit Flower Princess of Spring, Arborea. Chrono was sorry to have called her that and hadn't meant to offend her, but made a counterattack with his own G-unit, Interdimensional Dragon, Chronoscommand Dragon. Doing that destroyed Tokoha's formation. He then comments how good Mamoru and Tokoha are by helping each other grow by competing with one another. Then Tokoha tries to finish the fight with her new G-unit, Flower Princess of Spring's Beginning, Primavera. She made excellent combos by making use of her unit's skills, but Chrono stop them in their tracks and won the game with his Interdimensional Dragon, Faterider Dragon. A little after the game was finished he gave the girls the croquette bread as an apology. After that he went back to the shop to explain they were out and possibly had to answer to an angry Misaki.

Seeing Chrono announce that he's going to be at grade 3 soon by steadily gathering points, Kamui called Tokoha and Shion down to tell them he entered them as a team. Enraged and shocked by this Chrono, Shion, and Tokoha refused but then gave it a try soon after. At first, their teamwork was bad to begin with, mainly stemming from their inability to cooperate with one another. Kamui them decided to make them cardfight against Trinity Dragon to test their teamwork in card fighting. The three card fighters think that it is stupid by switching every move they make even if they don't do anything. Eventually, this resulted in a loss for Chrono's team and an enraged Kamui thought they should give up on competing if their teamwork is that bad. Chrono, Shion, and Tokoha promised to Kamui that they will work as a team.

The next week Tokoha and Shion took Chrono to a mini tournament to help him get to grade 3. The tournament went smoothly, as Chrono and his friends won all matches. Later, when Shion was fighting and Tokoha was talking to a friend, Chrono saw a player slip a critical trigger on top of their deck, defeating a Granblue player and gloating about it. Chrono saw this and was enraged by this and confronted the team instead notifying the judge; this escalated when Chrono grabbed the leader of the team, who then took this opportunity to make it look like Chrono pushed him over and pretended to hurt his arm. Shion had to forfeit his match to calm Chrono down and he told Shion that the team was cheating. Shion believed him but also said that violence was not the way to go. Then a judge told Chrono that he will be stripped of his grade and all his points. Chrono was so sad and angry he left the room and Tokoha chased after him to ask what happened. Chrono angrily told her to leave him alone, storming off after saying this.

Back at the tournament, Shion helped pick up a players' deck that was on the floor thanks to the incident. After this Shion also accused the team of cheating and they denied it and said he was only saying it because of what happened with Chrono. Just as the player was about to roll up his sleeve, Shion asked he remove his sweater as it was very big for him and that Chrono would never resort to violence and if Shion was wrong he would take the same punishment as Chrono. The boy tried to run but Tokoha blocked his path and said he was trying to flee, which means he is guilty. The boy removed his sweater revealing a mechanism full of critical triggers. Later on the board they disqualified Team Trick Trick for cheating and banned them from tournaments for 5 years. Chrono was almost given the same punishment but Ibuki told the directors that Chrono should be only stripped of his grade not his fighter status. The board agreed as he was only doing the right thing. Katagiri told Shion and Tokoha and they both refused to accept this, but Shion told Tokoha that there is nothing they can do.

Chrono was next seen giving his deck to Kamui saying he is quitting Vanguard. Kamui told him that Shion and Tokoha proved he was right and he can easily regain his points and grade, but Chrono said he has had enough and left the store, but on his way home he saw many people enjoying Vanguard and he then started remembering the fun he had in vanguard when he returned to Card Capital 2 he saw Ibuki going in and later found out he was going to take his Gear Chronicle deck away. Chrono asked why he is after his deck and Ibuki told Chrono it is not his anymore as he had quit. Ibuki offered Chrono a fight for the deck and Chrono agreed. During their fight, Chrono was overwhelmed by Ibuki's Link Joker deck and his Avatar, Alter Ego Messiah. He did use Faterider Dragon to gain an advantage but he failed to win and Ibuki then used Stride, revealing another ace he had: Genesis Dragon, Amnesty Messiah. He then unlocked all locked units then gained power and a critical. He pulled another critical during his drive check and Chrono was defeated. Ibuki let Chrono keep the deck as he could see how much he meant to him but warned him that he will return to fight him for it and thus, Chrono felt a need to get stronger.

After losing his fight to Ibuki. Chrono decided to start all over again from grade 0 and enter a quest to get his points back to grade 2. He, Tokoha, and Shion went to a castle in the Dark Zone area to participate in the quest, after which Chrono fought Vlad III and won with his new unit, Interdimensional Dragon, Epoch-maker Dragon, getting the points he needed to make it back to grade 2.

Tokoha and Shion kept pushing Chrono to do a whole bunch of quest to make it to grade 3. Tokoha taught him about vanguard cards and abilities while Shion took him to his designated quest. On his way to the quest, Chrono stopped to help a little boy find his mom. An emergency quest was put out by Mamoru in attempt to help Chrono get to grade 3 by participating an outdoor Vanguard survival tournament. Chrono, Tokoha and Shion promise they will win the whole thing.

During the whole event, they kept running into people they know and/or helped in the past and saw how much they grown. the trio did run into some obstacles along the way but never gave up. Kamui appeared before them as the "Helpful Mountain Wizard" to help earn stars to get it to the goal. Chrono drew a G4 card which was a the most difficult question for the trio to answer in 1 minute. surprising to everyone Chrono known what all 5 dragon empire cards with limit break the adds up 55000. then at the end of the whole thing he fought Tsunedo for the final test to go to grade 3. He won the fight by using Epoch-maker's skill to superior call Chronojet Dragon to win. At the after-ceremony, Chrono decided to name the Team "TRY3".

At the tournament, Chrono fought against Takeru in a tough battle once more, ending off his fight with his victory. Takeru's younger brother swears to take revenge for Takeru, Chrono ruffles and smiles at him, telling him to fight together again some other time before the two brothers walk away. Team TRY3 made it to the top 16 where they lost to Team Demise, but not before Chrono defeated Sugiru Kariya.

Since Shion and Tokoha were bummed about the loss at nationals, Chrono decided to take them to the beach. Even though it was a day of horrible weather, Chrono insisted they stay. Tokoha wanted to go home anyway, but Shion talked her into staying in order to be polite. After a long day, Chrono finally revealed that the reason he made them stay at the beach all day was so that they could watch a meteor shower that only arrives once every several hundred years and that the beach was supposed to have a chance of providing a good view despite the cloudy weather. Even though they didn't get to see the meteor shower, they did get to see the fireworks of a nearby city.

Soon after, Shion decided to quit vanguard. Chrono did everything in his power to convince Shion to stay with the game, including breaking into his home and challenging him to a cardfight. The circumstances were that if Shion won, he would be allowed to do what he wanted. Shion won with Saint Blow Dragon, but decided to stay anyway. Later, Chrono helped Saya Yatomi prepare for her concert at the Dragon Empire and even participated in the concert itself, playing the part of a villain from Megacolony in a skit starring Saya. That night, his aunt said he didn't want Chrono playing Vanguard anymore because his father went missing 10 years ago because of Vanguard.

Chrono payed a visit to Card Capital 2 on a hot day, where he found Shin collapsed on the floor from the heat. After Shin was giving some water and regained his strength, he challenged Chrono to a fight. Shin's Murakumo deck was the perfect counter to Chrono's Gear Chronicle Deck due to their ability to easily replace the units Chrono sent back into the deck. Shin eventually pushed Chrono into a corner where he had to draw 2 Triggers or face defeat, but Chrono went for it and pulled two critical triggers. That night, Shin had a talk with Chrono's aunt and convinced her to let Chrono play Vanguard.

After hearing about a tournament at the United Sanctuary where the winners got to fight Team Demise, Chrono, Shion, and Tokoha decided to enter. In the final round, he fought Taiyou again and was shocked by how all he talked about now was strength. Taiyou appeared to be able to predict Chrono's every move with the data given to him by the United Sanctuary. However, Chrono won with Upheaval Pegasus, as it was not recorded in the data. After the tournament, Chrono decided to investigate Taiyou's strange behavior and Shion decided to investigate Yuya, who was not an employee at the branch. However, the door back inside was locked, but Shion discovered that the door opened by showing the United Sanctuary's bracelets to a mechanism near the door. Once inside, they were found by a guard who asked why they weren't wearing their bracelets. Chrono apologized and the guard commented that they need discipline, then took each member of the trio to a separate floor. Chrono met Taiyou there, who insisted on staying to get stronger and invited Chrono to stay as well. Chrono tried to talk some sense into Taiyou when Ibuki walked in.

Ibuki brought Chrono to his office and the latter was about to confront him about the United Sanctuary's affairs when Shion was brought in, followed shortly by Tokoha. They tried to convince Ibuki that what the United Sanctuary was doing was wrong. However, Kanzaki himself challenged Team TRY3 to convince them of the Branch's ideals. He fought them all at once in separate matches and won without even resorting to his trump card in any of them. During the match, he scoffed at Team TRY3's ideals, asserting that "a heart makes you weak".

After his loss to Kanzaki, Chrono, Shion, and Tokoha were at the Dragon Empire when Jaime dropped by and gave Chrono the Chronodragon Nextage G-Unit as a favor for someone else. Chrono asked what the person who gave it to him looked like, but Jaime forgot. Chrono tried to put a smile on Taiyou's face by taking him around town along with Shion, Tokoha, Kumi, Jaime and Team Trinity Dragon. Taiyou didn't want to, still determined to get stronger by any means. However, Chrono bribed Taiyou with a chance to fight him. After a few hours, the gang was approached by an A-Rank Dog Trainer who came to take Taiyou back to the branch. Chrono told the Dog Trainer to back off, but he refused as he didn't think Chrono was strong enough to tell him what to do. So, Chrono challenged the Trainer to a fight. Despite paralyzing Chronojet Dragon and all of Chrono's rear-guards and the Dog Trainer replenishing his hand with "Gigaparalyze", Chrono managed to come back with Chrono Dragon Nextage. Even though the Dog Trainer lost, Taiyou decided to go with him anyway.

Chrono, Shion, and Tokoha were on a rooftop reflecting on Taiyou's decision. Later, Chrono and Tokoha were walking home when Shion approached them with invitations to fight Team Demise. When Team TRY3 heard that Dragon Empire petitioned for a meeting of the Branch Chiefs, they went to the Dragon Empire Branch to ask them to put it off so they could fight Team Demise and show everyone that Vanguard was fun. Mamoru and the other clan leaders refused and called the idea childish, but Ryutarou Oyama challenged Chrono to see how serious he was. Ryutarou pushed Chrono to five damage with Conquest Supreme Dragon, Conquest Dragon, but Chrono fought back with Chrono Dragon Nextage. This was enough to show Ryutarou that Chrono was serious, but he still refused to delay the meeting as people were suffering. However, the meeting probably wouldn't happen until Monday, after the match against Team Demise.

The day of the special match Chrono learned Taiyou has joined Demise and watched Tokoha and Shion defeat Rin and Shouma respectively. Before his fight against Taiyou Kamui took TRY3 to investigate Kanzaki under Ibuki's request and learned about the Depend Card, which Ibuki had stolen. Kamui then gave Chrono the Depend Card, believing that Ibuki wanted him to have it. Chrono's fight against Taiyou goes mostly the same as their last fight, but this time Taiyou counters Chrono's Upheaval Pegasus, but Chrono is able to win with Nextage. After the fight Kanzaki appeared and challenged Chrono himself under the condition that if he wins he'll take Gear Chronicle, but if Chrono wins he'll admit that US Branch is wrong.

The first turns of the fight go fairly even, surprising everyone that Chrono could fight on par with Kanzaki. Kanzaki however declares that he's disappointed, as nothing "miraculous" was happening and Strides Supremacy Black Dragon, Aurageyser Doomed. Despite narrowly surviving the turn, Kanzaki still believes Chrono can't win even after the latter brings out Nextage, but to his surprise Chrono had already predicted that Nextage's attack would fail and manages to win with Chronojet Dragon's second attack. When the attack hit, Chronojet somehow materialized and punched Kanzaki, knocking him off the stage.

A few days later Ibuki contacts Chrono again to explain about the Depend Card. Still disliking Ibuki, Chrono wanted a rematch. This time, despite Ibuki's Genesis Dragon, Excelics Messiah and being dealt 6 damage, Chrono manages to win thanks to a 6th Damage Heal Trigger followed by a Double Critical Trigger the next turn. At that moment the Depend Card turned into Chrono Dran. Ibuki explained that Depend Cards can summon units from planet Cray, although Chrono Dran doesn't seem to be any different from a regular card for the moment.

Ibuki revealed that Rive and a man named Ryuzu Myoujin were responsible for bringing Gear Chronicle to Earth, and that the latter caused Rive's disappearance. Shortly after that, Chrono caught Ibuki placing Gear Chronicle cards in his cubbyhole, confirming that he's the one who has been sending him cards the whole time. Annoyed, he exclaimed "It was you?!"

GIRS Crisis

At school, TRY3 discussed about their futures; Shion was taking over his family business while Chrono and Tokoha were wondering what to do. At CardCapital 2, Chrono was being teased by Team Trinity Dragon about Chrono Dran until Shin asked them to tutor a new customer, Luna Yumizuki, about the card game. Chrono was left to teach her and they started their fight while Shion and Tokoha later came in and aided in teaching Luna. After winning and getting lectured by his teammates, TRY3 saw an announcement about the G quest and was shocked to see Luna being part of the quest's idol, Rummy Labyrinth and with that the team's next quest is decided.

A couple of days later, Chrono got lost on his way to the Megallanica Branch HQ and met Leon whom asked him for directions to HQ in which Chrono bought him to. In the Megallnica Branch after hearing the explanation of the G Quest from Rummy Labyrinth and special guest, Gouki Daimonji, the G Quest begin. TRY3 fought passed all their opponents, including Team Handsome, and were given the chance to fight Team Dreadnought and Jaime. Chrono began his fight with Leon with a determination to win, and at first he seemed to have no problem. Then Leon strode Blue Wave Marshal Dragon, Tetra-boil Dragon and launched five increasingly powerful attacks, but Chrono managed to hold on by using his whole hand. Chrono still wondered if he could overcome this ordeal and what his future held, but he strode Chronodragon Nextage and used it skill to attack with Chronojet Dragon giving him and his team the win at their first branch.

At the Dragon Empire Branch, TRY3 helped out in the preparations of the G-Quest and during that event they helped Luna in searching for a glove charm of Am's. The next day, after the explanations of the quest, the team split up with Chrono meeting up with Naoki and starting their match with Chrono's victory in the end. Chrono continued to gather points for the team and found info that the higher grade a chest is, the bigger the points but the higher the risk of a trap. Wanting to press onward Chrono took the risk but ended up in the Drop Zone with Tokoha, nearing the end of the event Chrono and Tokoha cheered on for Shion to save them and win the event. After Shion won his fight against Miwa, Chrono and Tokoha were surprised to see that Shion managed to rake up 440 points thus giving their team the victory for the Dragon Empire Branch.

At the Zoo Branch G Quest, TRY3 participated in the quest with Chrono wondering if he has achieved anything during the quest with the depend cards. During the quest challenge of cooking, Chrono and Naoki were caught up with gathering as much ingredients as they can and even fought against each other to get an ingredient. After the collecting, TRY3 managed to make a delicious pineapple dish, mainly thanks to Chrono, and moved on the final match against Christopher. While they were dicussing about the match up they heard from Naoki about Planet Cray as he gave them a pep talk. After Tokoha won her fight and they were about to be presented their medals, a group of megacolony battlers stole them and told the true quest as began.

As they chased them throught out the branch, they found out their trail was to defeat a bunch of battlers, in the second trail they came up agaist Team Trinity Dragon but had to cosplay. Seeing this TRY3 wanted to give up but after some taunting from Trinity Dragon they decided to go ahead with the cosplay but were more shocked to found out they had to out smart the other team with questions. When asked about a 10 feet fruit Chrono gave the answer: pear which then allowed Shion to asked them about Dirichlet's theorem in which they could Trinity Dragon could not give the right answer thus allowing TRY3 to move on. At the last trail they were surprised to see their opponent is Daigo, who is famous for being a legendary fighter. When climbing the stairs Chrono was lucky to step on the right set of stairs and had to fight Daigo.

During the fight, Chrono learned more about different ways to fight while also seeing Daigo's own fight style also wondered if this will help him find the answer to the depend cards. In the end, Chrono knew that even if he knew nothing and could not see what will comeforth he will continue on to find it and won against Daigo thus giving TRY3 the points for the Zoo Branch.

At the Star Gate Branch, TRY3 were surprised to see that only a small number of people participated at the branch and learned from Rummy Labyrinth that the quest was too hard, therefore not many people decided to participate. After Shion's loss against Kai, it was up to Chrono to defeat Ibuki and find answers about the depend cards. During the fight, Ibuki was disappointed that Chrono was not putting up a fight against him and insisted that he gave up the fight and depend cards but hearing this angered Chrono and caused the both of them to exchange words of anger about the situation that has connected both of them. After pulling through Ibuki's attacks, Chrono fought back with a last stride of Chronoscommand Revolution allowing him to win the fight. Chrono then got an image of the rat Zodiac Time Beast which turned into one of his depend cards.

During the tournament in card capital, Chrono fights Eru but manages to beat him. Chrono then challenges Morikama, whom was strong enough to push him to a corner but ended up losing to Chrono as his whole hand was all grade 3s, much to Chrono'shock as why Morikawa is so obeesed with grade 3s and when Morikawa explain why, he fully understands. When Chrono stay back at card capital after everyone has left, Shin challenges Chrono to a fight to see how resolved is he to stop Ryuzu with Mikuru witnessing the fight. During the fight, Chrono was at a loss as he was unable to ride his avatar, Chronojet Dragon and end up riding Reformed Gear Eagle. But, Chrono manages to win after being determined to protect Mikuru and Vanguard from Ryuzu by striding Chronoscommand Revolution and returning Shin rearguards to the bottom of his deck and getting triple critical triggers in his triple check and breaking through Shin's guard.

At the United Sanctary Branch, TRY3 was seen fighting against Team AL4 with Chrono being the last fighter after Ren defeats Shion and Tokoha in a Relation Vanguard match. Even though Ren pushed Chrono to a corner, Chrono survived and defeats Ren. After the battle, TRY3 learn of Plan G's secret as a reward for winning.

At the Dark Zone branch, TRY3 (and Rummy Labyrinth) is up against all of the participants because of an emergency quest set to prevent TRY3 from winning a perfect record in the G Quest. At the top of the tower, Chrono is fighting against Luna to win the final ten stamps to complete G Quest with a perfect record. Chrono wins and TRY3 become Generation Masters

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Special Stage

G Stride Gate

After storming into Ryuzu's hideout, Chrono would meet an old Ryuzu along with Ibuki. Both of them refuses to accept Ryuzu's ideals and watches Ryuzu dies in front of them.

Afterwards, during a cardfight with a young boy, Chrono was surprised with what the boy said is similar to what Ryuzu said earlier. The young boy then reveals himself that he is Ryuzu, being reborn into his clone body. After Chrono was defeated by Ryuzu with Bind Time Dragon, Ryuzu told Chrono about using the Zodiac Time Beasts from his goals and even mentioned that Rive is still alive, much to Chrono's shock. Ryuzu then asked Chrono to choose whether he wants to join him. Chrono later meet up with Taiyou.

G Next

Recruiting for the Under 20

In G Next, Chrono is now a high school student in Class 1-B at Harumi High with Kumi Okazaki and has become a part-time worker at Card Capital 2. One day as Chrono is working at the store, a strange customer arrives and asks to have a cardfight with Chrono. The two fight and after being shown an image of the space, Chrono is defeated. Wanting to challenge the fighter again, the fighter introduces himself as Kazumi Onimaru and tells Chrono that they can meet again at U20 before leaving.

Right after Kazumi leaves, Chrono researches Kazumi and decides to enter the Under 20. A couple of days later, Chrono meets up with Taiyou Asukawa at the Dragon Empire Branch and invites him to join his team. Taiyou joyfully accepts and gets excited about the tournament and Chrono asks if the Under 20 is really such a big deal. Trinity Dragon then interrupts their conversation and once again chides Chrono for not knowing something as basic like that. Trinity Dragon informs Chrono that the Under 20 is basically a gateway tournament to the pro-league where lots of scouts come from all over the world to choose potential fighters for their pro-teams and that the leader of the team that won the previous year was Kazumi Onimaru.

Finishing the explanation, Tsuneto announces to Chrono that Trinity Dragon is entering too and Taiyou asks if they have got a shot, leading a nervous Chrono to explain that he has got no idea on who could be their third player. Trinity Dragon teasingly states their concerns on Chrono finding a third member, leading Chrono to boastfully shout out that they will find a member despite having no idea on who that could be.

Later on at work, Chrono greets Kazuma Shouji who comes in asking for a rule review teaching session on Vanguard. Though Kazuma is unsure of Chrono being his teacher, Shin reassures him by explaining on how Chrono is a Generation Master and how Chrono has won a bunch of tournaments.Understanding, Kazuma agrees and Chrono escorts him to the playing station. At the playing stations, Chrono notices that Kazuma attends the same school as him from Kazuma's uniform and introduces himself. Kazuma reluctantly returns the introduction and Chrono asks if he made his deck by himself. Kazuma explains that he did when he was little and they start the lesson.

Throughout the lesson, Kazuma is initially inattentive and dismissive of Chrono, causing Chrono to get irritated as he is trying to teach Kazuma the rules of the game. As Kazuma gradually remembers how to play, he is reminded of his childhood. When Chrono is about to beat him, Kazuma pulls out of the game and abruptly quits leading Chrono to ask why. Despite Kazuma's objections, Chrono insists that Kazuma could've won it and shows Kazuma the Heal Trigger on the top of his deck that he could've drawn during his Damage Check if he had continued playing. Seeing Chrono holding his card, Kazuma yells at Chrono not to touch his cards leading Shin to come and check on the pair. Kazuma coolly states that it was nothing and leaves, despite Chrono objections. Chrono then thinks to himself about why Kazuma quit.

The next morning at school, Chrono tries to reach out to Kazuma who dismisses him again. A just arriving Kumi sees this display and greets Chrono asking if he is friends with Kazuma as he is in her class. Stunned about this, Chrono asks Kumi if they can meet during their lunch break. During their meeting in their lunchbreak, Chrono asks Kumi what she knows about Kazuma. Kumi explains that while Kazuma is often alone and seems bored most of the time, he has one of the best grades in her class. Suddenly remembering something, Kumi then whispers to Chrono that there are also rumors that Kazuma hangs out with "unsavory types" outside of school.

First Stage of the Under 20

Second Stage of the Under 20

U20 Finals


After learning from Shiranui that they, apostles, are scheming on the revival of Dragon Deity of Destruction, Gyze. One day, he spots Noa Hoshizaki (Chaos Breaker), and chased him. Under the bridge, he conduct a cardfight to release Noa from hiss Illegal Diffride, but lost. As an apostles, Noa banished Chrono, a candidate for Gyze, to the Soul's Prison: Relics. Tsuneto Tado is also dragged in after he tried to save Chrono.

In the Relics, he is marked with "Gyze's Crest" with 1 light on. After they tried to find a way out, Gastille visited them and told them how to get out of Relics: Becane one of them, or die. They later meet up with Taiyou, Rin and Kazuma

As everyone tried to destroy Relic's Generator, Gyze's Crest on Chrono's hand managed to fill, and Chrono is about to became Gyze. But he managed to held on. He is freed, and returned at the place he had his cardfight against Chaos Breaker.

After Chrono escaped, Tokoha and Kumi visited him, but came across Dumjid, who is getting revenge. Tokoha managed to repel the ambush, and breaks the Diffride after surviving Zeroth Dragon of Inferno, Drachma.


At the beginning of the one-shot manga, Chrono wants to quit Vanguard. He goes to Card Capital 2 to sell his cards.


Kamui Katsuragi

He and Kamui are close friends and their relationship are just like normal brothers. Kamui is shown to take an interest on him and acts as an older brother figure to Chrono and Chrono in return is very grateful for Kamui's help and respects him greatly. Kamui also wishes to ditch his work at store and spend more time with Chrono. He acts like a mentor to Chrono from the start of the series. Their relationship can also be described as a teacher-student one because they have a common goal: for Chrono to reach the pinnacle of the Cardfight!! Vanguard game in the future.

Tokoha Anjou

Chrono and Tokoha are classmates. At first, their relationship was rather rocky due to Chrono's reserved personality in the beginning. Tokoha also finds Chrono as a weirdo at first. After realizing that Chrono plays Vanguard, she tries to befriend him. After the party in Card Capital, their relationship has become much better and closer, and they started to respect each other, forming a close friendship but they still argue and irritate each other. Tokoha also cares about Chrono a lot and is concerned for his well-being. After Tokoha's loss against Rin, he tries to cheer her up by helping her.

Shion Kiba

Chrono and Shion at first strongly disliked each other which resulted in a rivalry, but eventually became close friends. After Chrono was accused for throwing a ball by some of the school girls, Shion quickly defended him and tries to befriend him. After their first fight, Shion was upset for his loss against Chrono and vows to defeat him, and gets jealous of him but as the series progresses, his jealousy towards Chrono starts to fade and he continues to praise him. They are still shown to be good friends and respect each other and Shion has helped Chrono several times. After Shion's loss against Shouma, he wanted to give up Vanguard. Chrono tries to warm up to him and helps Shion regain his passion for Vanguard as well as convinces him to join TRY 3 again, mainly by forcing Shion to admit his mistakes by taunting him with rude comments until he snapped.

Tsuneto Tado

Chrono and Tsuneto are good friends but Tsuneto likes to tease Chrono often and Chrono is shown to get annoyed by Tsuneto's antics. Despite that, Tsuneto (and Trinity Dragon in general) has confidence in Chrono's skills as a Vanguard fighter evidenced by the fact that he is present in most of his important battles and notes that Chrono shouldn't and won't be losing by none other than him. In Chrono's most recent duel with Ryuzu where the fate of both the Earth and Planet Cray was at stake Tsuneto and his gang were cheering for Chrono and sharing their imagination with him showing deep trust in his potential.

Kumi Okazaki

Although there isn't much interaction between them due to the fact that Chrono hangs out with Kamui more at Card Capital 2 trying to collect points from quests and she spends more time with Tokoha, the two can certainly be considered good friends. It is interesting to note that she was one of the first people in the series who considered Chrono to be a good and nice person due to the fact that he found and gave her lunch bread when she lost it while nobody really cared to help. She was also the first one to explain to Tokoha that Chrono is misunderstood and not a bad person, warming the relationship between those two. Later on, as the series progresses she is present in most of his matches and cheers for him.

Kouji Ibuki

After his first fight with Ibuki, Chrono became determined to find out who he is and prove to him that he's strong. Ibuki refuses to tell Chrono his name until he gets stronger, even manipulating Chrono to get him to become stronger. Ibuki is confident that Chrono will become stronger as soon as possible. Chrono's opinion of Ibuki seems to have slightly changed after Ibuki stole the Depend Card and gave it to him. During their third fight, Chrono came to genuinely respect Ibuki, and Ibuki finally told Chrono his full name. Ibuki is the one who keeps giving him Gear Chronicle cards. At the end of season 1, Ibuki was caught in the act by Chrono, Shion and Tokoha in an evening at their school when he was about to put new Gear Chronicle cards in an envelope into Chrono's cubby hole, much to Chrono's annoyance.

In G Next and GZ, Chrono and Ibuki have gotten a bit closer to the level of acquaintances, however Chrono still can't stand him and appears annoyed by the fact that Ibuki never told him about the Diffriders before. However, Ibuki entrusted his deck to Chrono when he was about to fall mid-battle against Gastille, showing a level of trust unseen between the two.

Mikuru Shindou

Despite living with Mikuru and being her nephew, Chrono seems to be rather distant to her. He is often left alone at home because of the nature of her job, and when Mikuru is around, he tends to ignore her and often leaves the house without saying anything,because he feels that he's being a burden to her.

After Mikuru confronts Chrono about Vanguard, Chrono considers quitting the game so as to not worry Mikuru. However, Mikuru eventually supports him and they eventually become closer after G Stride Gate.

Taiyou Asukawa

When Chrono introduced Taiyou into Vanguard, he immediately sympathized with him because he has a low opinion of himself just like Chrono used to before he got into Vanguard himself. Chrono encouraged Taiyou to pursue the game and become better both in Vanguard and as a person. During their next encounter, Chrono noticed Taiyou had become almost an unthinking machine obsessed with victory who couldn't smile. After finding out that the US Branch was responsible he became determined to convince Taiyou to leave that place. This backfired, however, as Chrono's repeated victories only pushed Taiyou further into staying in US, and Taiyou began to dislike Chrono because he "doesn't understand a loser's feelings".

After his 3rd fight with Chrono, Taiyou began to see the error of his ways of becoming strong and eventually reconciled with Chrono and become friends once again. When Chrono was searching for Kanzaki he chose Taiyou as his companion where they deepened their bond even further. It is safe to assume that Chrono completely trusts Taiyou as a great ally and friend as he is present as part of Chrono's team in all of the major battles of Stride Gate.

Also, in NEXT, Taiyou is an official member of Chrono's team for the U20 Championship showing that they two have developed a similar relationship that Chrono had with TRY3. Taiyou also sworn to himself at the end of NEXT that he will challenge Chrono next year in U20 with his own strength.

Kazuma Shouji

Chrono first met Kazuma on Card Capital, when Kazuma wanted to revisit and relearn the mechanics of the game. During the fight, Chrono took an immediate interest in Kazuma, observing the strong imagination Kazuma possesses and how he seems to be enjoying himself throughout the whole fight. Chrono was surprised when Kazuma suddenly forfeited in the middle of the game and when he got angry for touching his deck.

After the fight, Chrono was adamant in making Kazuma his teammate, showing persistence in asking Kazuma to fight him again. Although, Chrono admits that he doesn't know why he persisted in making Kazuma join the team, only that he sensed something from within Kazuma.

Their relationship at first was a rocky one, with Chrono always pushing Kazuma to not give up whenever he fights and Kazuma getting annoyed because of Chrono's resemblance to his older brother, Kazumi Onimaru. In response, Kazuma would always ask what's the point in doing so, showing his nihilistic view in life. Chrono's persistence led to a heated argument between them in a Dragon Empire tournament, which almost became a physical fight.

Nevertheless, Chrono never gave up on Kazuma, always believing in him whenever Kazuma will doubt himself. Chrono's persistence came to fruition when Kazuma fought Bad End's boss. Starting from then, Kazuma slowly changed his outlook in life. He never gave up again in a fight no matter how low his chances of winning are. Kazuma also came to care for Taiyou and Chrono, always smiling whenever they're together.

By the end of U20, it was shown that Kazuma and Chrono has a closer relationship than before. Kazuma jump hugged Chrono after he won against Kazumi, showing how comfortable he has became with Chrono. Kazuma would also teasingly offer to tutor Chrono in different subjects, which Chrono always denies.

It is shown that Chrono cares for Kazuma as he blamed himself for pulling Kazuma into the Diffrider issue during his conversation with Gastille in Relics. This level of self-blame and guilt increases after Kazuma gets forcibly diffridden by Gyze and is taken away by the Apostles. Before Gyze has fully diffridden Kazuma, he started calling Chrono by his first name, unlike before.

Both of them care so much for each other that they didn't hesitate to throw their selves in the middle of risk for each other, despite of how reckless it was for them to do so. Kazuma wanted to give Chrono back what he did for him, which is why he acted so recklessly, challenging Chaos Breaker to a fight in order to keep them from taking Chrono as their vessel. On the other hand, Chrono challenged the newly diffridden Kazuma to a fight so that he can undo the diffride, confessing to Kazuma how much he wants to fight him from then on, non-stop.

He also appeared in Chrono's dream as one of the people that helped him achieve his dream of becoming an astronaut, implying that Kazuma is one of the important people in Chrono's life.


  • Chrono's surname Shindou means "fresh, new" (新) (shin) and "guidance, leading, conduct, usher" (導) (dou).


  • Unlike other characters in Cardfight!! Vanguard who uses English words for their attack names and skill names, Chrono tends to use Japanese words for his unit's attack name.
  • Chrono has the same English voice actor as Ali Pajeel and Baku from Future Card Buddyfight.
  • Chrono Shindou's official Twitter can be found at
  • Chrono is the first player to beat someone who was different world ridden.
  • A running gag occurs in the first season of G where Tsuneto makes fun of him and his Avatar, Chronojet Dragon, for sharing the same name.
  • Chrono does not like to be teased regarding his hair.