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Chrono Shindou is a minor character of Cardfight!! Vanguard: Shinemon.


He had messy red hair with a pink swirly hair in the middle. He also has green eyes. He wears a grey shirt with a dark grey sweater inside. He also wears indigo shorts with blue shoes.


As he is a toddler, he tends to mispronounce some words, such as saying “Congrabulation” or “Congralumations” instead of “Congratulations”. Chrono has a liking towards Vanguard despite not understanding how the game works due to his young age, he often cheers his father and his friends to win cardfights, but also tends to cry when whoever he's cheering for loses a cardfight.

As a teenager, he has no interest in vanguard. According to both Mikuru and Shinemon (Teenager), it appears he lost his memories after the ryuzu lab incident. Although he did show some scary glare at his classmates at school. However during his cardfight with Shinemon (Adult), he was able to show some joy throughout the game, thus he said he wants to destroy his usual "self". 


  • Chrono's Japanese voice actor from the Cardfight!! Vanguard G series, Mark Ishii, was replaced due to health reasons. However, the reasoning for the English voice actor Sam Duke's case is unknown.
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