"Clan Leader" (クランリーダー Kuranrīdā) is a title featured in the Cardfight!! Vanguard G series, which is given to fighters employed as part of a branch's leadership under the Branch Chief, each representing a particular clan from that branch's nation. They are responsible for helping to manage the affairs and events of their branch and region. A "Clan Master" is considered to be the best user of the clan, or the most important user in the world.

All of the known Clan Leaders are part of the Tokyo Branch Association. The Paris Branch Chief is the only known chief without a confirmed clan.


Clan Character
Aqua Force Leon Soryu (Clan Master)
Bermuda Triangle Magallanica Branch Chief
Dark Irregulars Satoru Enishi (Dark Zone Branch Cheif)
Dimension Police Star Gate Branch Chief
Kagero Mamoru Anjou
Link Joker Kouji Ibuki
Murakumo Unnamed man with red hair
Narukami Ryutaro Oyama (Dragon Empire Branch Chief)
Neo Nectar Zoo Branch Chief
Nubatama Unnamed man with dark-red scarf
Shadow Paladin Ren Suzugamori (United Sanctuary Branch Chief)
Tachikaze Unnamed woman with pink hair


Clan Leader Certification Card

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  • Yuichirou Kanzaki was the previous United Sanctuary Branch Manager and Shadow Paladin Clan Leader. He drove out the other clan leaders and ruled his branch with an iron fist. He resigned after he failed to live up to his own motto, "Weakness is a sin.", after losing a match against Chrono Shindou.
  • Due to their similar designs, voices, personalities, and hair styles, it's thought that the Murakumo and Nubatama clan leaders are twins.
  • There is an unnamed, un-voiced character in Turn 9 and Turn 10 wearing a tiger costume, who could potentially be the Great Nature clan leader. He is the only non-Dragon Empire Clan Leader shown that isn't also a Branch Manager, aside from Ibuki.
  • There is currently no Clan Leader for Gear Chronicle, although Chrono Shindou aspired to be the first one at the start of the G Quest.
  • The Magallanica Branch Manager stands behind Top Idol, Riviere as if he was her talent agent.
  • After the events of Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Stride Gate, Satoru Enishi resigned from his position as both the Dark Zone Branch Manager and Dark Irregulars Clan Leader. However, he eventually returns those position at the end of Cardfight!! Vanguard G: NEXT.
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