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"Clans" (クラン Kuran) are the factions of Cardfight!! Vanguard. Within the card game, they are the primary determinants of the structure of a deck. Clans are defined by their different themes and focuses; for example, Royal Paladin is a clan composed of holy knights focused on calling allies, while Kagero is a clan composed of fiery dragons and dragon knights focused on retiring the opponent's rear-guards. All cards have an original clan, listed in the bottom-right corner of the card above its race. Additionally, all clans are associated with a nation, one of the six countries or continents of Planet Cray, the setting of the Cardfight!! Vanguard universe.

In the main mode of Vanguard play for the Premium and V-icon Premium formats, Clan Fight, decks can only be composed of cards from one clan, with some exceptions. Originally, cards were allowed to be used in decks regardless of clans, although many cards had restrictions that heavily discouraged using them with cards from different clans (such as Lord), and mixing clans was infrequent and largely discouraged. For various reasons, the Clan Fight regulation was eventually implemented in March 2014, rendering restrictions like Lord unnecessary, and while the Extreme Fight regulation was implemented to allow multi-clan decks, it is rarely played in practice.

In the past, to activate a trigger effect, the player must have at least one vanguard or rear-guard on the field with the same clan as that trigger unit. However, due to Vanguard being primarily played with the aforementioned regulation, this restriction is now no longer in effect.

List of Clans

Other Clans

Name Notes Color
BanG Dream! Belongs to the nation of same name White / Pink
BREAKERZ Non-tournament legal Black
Cray Elemental Belongs to all clans and nations Clear rainbow
Hololive Belongs to all clans Clear rainbow
Iconic Does not belong to any nation Gold
Touken Ranbu Belongs to the nation of same name Clear pink
TachiVan Non-tournament legal Yellow / Red
Etranger Non-tournament legal (except for Gargantua Dragon); belongs to Star Gate Grey
The Mask Collection Thai-exclusive; belongs to Star Gate Grey
Union Verse manga-exclusive; belongs to Star Gate Grey
Animation Thai-exclusive; belongs to Star Gate Grey
Game Thai-exclusive; belongs to Star Gate Grey
Live Action Thai-exclusive; belongs to Star Gate Grey