Supremacy Black Dragon, Aurageyser Doomed

Cross Stride (クロスストライド Kurosu Sutoraido) is an official term introduced in G Booster Set 4: Soul Strike Against The Supreme, which refers to G units who require a specific, different G unit face up in the G zone, either to gain a bonus or to be able to activate their ability, or turn it face up for the cost of their ability.

"Cross Stride" can be viewed as a Cross Ride variant for G units, but needing a different G unit in the G zone rather than in the soul. Also, turning the unit face up to pay the cost of their ability is similar to G Persona Blast, but oriented to a different G unit in the G zone.

List of Cards

Clan Original form Cross Stride form
Gear Chronicle Interdimensional Dragon, Chronoscommand Dragon Interdimensional Dragon, Chronoscommand Revolution
Link Joker Genesis Dragon, Amnesty Messiah Genesis Dragon, Excelics Messiah
Neo Nectar Dream-spinning Ranunculus, Ahsha Ranunculus in Glorious Bloom, Ahsha
Royal Paladin Aerial Divine Knight, Altmile Transcending the Heavens, Altmile
Shadow Paladin Supremacy Black Dragon, Aurageyser Dragon Supremacy Black Dragon, Aurageyser Doomed
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