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Crusher VS Challenger (壊し屋VS挑戦者 Kowashiya bui esu Chōsen-sha, Destroyer VS Challenger in the Japanese edition) is a clan event in Cardfight!! Vanguard ZERO, first introduced in August 2020.


  • 2020: August 19th (12:00) to August 25th (23:59) [JP]
  • 2020: November 17th (19:00 PST) to November 26th (23:59 PST) [Global]


  • This event features further support for the Spike Brothers clan.
  • All players receive these First Vanguards upon the start of the event.
  • The event is similar to character fights, where you fight Kyou Yahagi multiple times to get Miyaji Academy High School Uniforms and Spike Brothers Coins.
  • Instead of using stamina, event fight uses Challenge Ticket: Kyou Yahagi, which can be farmed from Character Fights.
  • Miyaji Academy High School Uniforms (event currency drop) are then used to roll on the event-exclusive gacha, which only features Spike Brothers cards.
  • Very Hard fight is only available once per day, need 0 tickets to enter, and yields 10 Charge Crystals per fight.
  • Auto-fight and Quick Fight option is available, except in Very Hard mode, where there is no Quick Fight.

Event Gacha list

Event Exchange Store Items

Name Price Quantity Image
American Bar Counter 700 99 CFZFurniture-Crusher Counter.png
American Classic Car 700 99 CFZFurniture-Crusher Car.png
American Guitar Set 300 99 CFZFurniture-Crusher Amp.png
American Gas Pump 100 99 CFZFurniture-Crusher Pump.png
American Tool Box (RED) 200 99 CFZFurniture-Crusher ToolRed.png
American Tool Box (BLACK) 200 99 CFZFurniture-Crusher ToolBlack.png
Steel Rack 300 99 CFZFurniture-Crusher Rack.png
American Music Box 100 99 CFZFurniture-Crusher Jukebox.png
American High Chair 100 99 CFZFurniture-Crusher Stool.png
Walls (American Style) 500 1 CFZFurniture-Crusher Wall.png
Floor (American Style) 500 1 CFZFurniture-Crusher Floor.png
Gacha Ticket 2000 3 CFZItem-GachaTicket.png