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Genesis of the Five Greats is the 1st D-icon.png Booster Set released in the Japanese and English formats.


  • Includes 120 cards (10 RRR, 5 ORR, 10 RR, 30 R, 65 C) + 1 Token card + 92 Parallel cards (2 DSR, 40 SP, 50 H).
    • Introduces the rarities "Over Double Rare", "Dress Secret Rare" and "Holo".
    • "Holo" is a variant to R and C cards with RR foil.
  • Includes support for the Dragon Empire, Dark States, Brandt Gate, Keter Sanctuary, Stoicheia nations.
    • Introduces the first [Over] trigger for those nations.
    • Each nation features a new deck theme and further support for the Start Decks.
  • Introduces the keyword "Alchemagic".
  • Each display is guaranteed with an ORR card.
  • Each display includes a pack of four sleeves at random from seven character designs.
  • Each display includes a Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress promo card.
  • Each Japanese display includes a postcard of the anime series.
    • Each postcard is printed with a campaign's lottery number, which grants a rubber playmat to 333 winners.
  • The package illustration features Yu-yu Kondo and Vairina Valiente.
  • The booster's slogan is "The new Vanguard raises the curtains here!".


Card List

Card No. Name Grade Nation Type Rarity
D-BT01/001 Vairina Valiente 3 Dragon Empire Persona Ride RRR+SP
D-BT01/002 Heavy Artillery of Dust Storm, Eugene 3 Dragon Empire Persona Ride RRR+SP
D-BT01/003 Master of Gravity, Baromagnes 3 Dark States Persona Ride RRR+SP
D-BT01/004 Diabolos Boys, Eden 2 Dark States RRR+SP
D-BT01/005 Cardinal Deus, Orfist 3 Brandt Gate Persona Ride RRR+SP
D-BT01/006 Aurora Battle Princess, Agra Rouge 2 Brandt Gate RRR+SP
D-BT01/007 Grand Heavenly Sword, Alden 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride RRR+SP
D-BT01/008 Hexaorb Sorceress 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride RRR+SP
D-BT01/009 Mysterious Rain Spiritualist, Zorga 3 Stoicheia Persona Ride RRR+SP
D-BT01/010 Sylvan Horned Beast, Giunosla 2 Stoicheia RRR+SP
D-BT01/011 Vairina Arcs 2 Dragon Empire RR+SP
D-BT01/012 Stealth Dragon, Tensha Stead 1 Dragon Empire RR+SP
D-BT01/013 Dragon Deity King of Resurgence, Dragveda 0 Dragon Empire Over ORR+SP
D-BT01/014 Upward Acrobat, Marjorie 3 Dark States Persona Ride RR+SP
D-BT01/015 Steam Battler, Gungnram 1 Dark States RR+SP
D-BT01/016 Hades Dragon Deity of Resentment, Gallmageheld 0 Dark States Over ORR+SP
D-BT01/017 Hyperspeed Robo, Chevalstud 1 Brandt Gate RR+SP
D-BT01/018 Detonation Mutant, Bobalmine 1 Brandt Gate RR+SP
D-BT01/019 Star Dragon Deity of Infinitude, Eldobreath 0 Brandt Gate Over ORR+SP
D-BT01/020 Knight of War Damage, Fosado 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride RR+SP
D-BT01/021 Painkiller Angel 1 Keter Sanctuary RR+SP
D-BT01/022 Light Dragon Deity of Honors, Amartinoa 0 Keter Sanctuary Over ORR+SP
D-BT01/023 Inheritance Maiden, Hendrina 2 Stoicheia RR+SP
D-BT01/024 Spurring Maiden, Ellenia 2 Stoicheia RR+SP
D-BT01/025 Source Dragon Deity of Blessings, Blessfavor 0 Stoicheia Over ORR+SP
D-BT01/026 Penetrate Dragon, Tribash 3 Dragon Empire Persona Ride R+H
D-BT01/027 Cataclysmic Bullet of Dust Storm, Randor 2 Dragon Empire R+H
D-BT01/028 Dragritter, Dabbaax 2 Dragon Empire R
D-BT01/029 Stealth Rogue of Strife, Fudoumaru 2 Dragon Empire R
D-BT01/030 Dragritter, Alwalith 2 Dragon Empire R
D-BT01/031 Twin Buckler Dragon 1 Dragon Empire Sentinel R+H+SP
D-BT01/032 Phantasma Magician, Curtis 3 Dark States Persona Ride R
D-BT01/033 Electro Spartan 2 Dark States R+H
D-BT01/034 Shadow Leak Magician 2 Dark States R
D-BT01/035 Protobulb Dragon 1 Dark States R
D-BT01/036 Recusal Hate Dragon 1 Dark States Sentinel R+H+SP
D-BT01/037 Crawl, you "Insects"! 3 Dark States Normal Order R+H
D-BT01/038 Granaroad Fairtigar 3 Brandt Gate Persona Ride R
D-BT01/039 Cardinal Noid, Cubisia 2 Brandt Gate R+H+SP
D-BT01/040 Polar Cold Monster, Drumler 2 Brandt Gate R
D-BT01/041 Fighting Dragon, Goldog Dragon 2 Brandt Gate R
D-BT01/042 Violate Dragon 1 Brandt Gate Sentinel R+H+SP
D-BT01/043 Hollowing Moonlit Night 2 Brandt Gate Set Order R+H
D-BT01/044 Dark Strain Dragon 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride R+H
D-BT01/045 Big Snake Witch, Solaria 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride R
D-BT01/046 Pentagleam Sorceress 2 Keter Sanctuary R+H
D-BT01/047 Divine Sister, Tartine 1 Keter Sanctuary R+H
D-BT01/048 Divine Sister, Faciata 1 Keter Sanctuary R
D-BT01/049 Aegismare Dragon 1 Keter Sanctuary Sentinel R+H+SP
D-BT01/050 Black Tears Husk Dragon 2 Stoicheia R+H+SP
D-BT01/051 Sylvan Horned Beast, Agleo 2 Stoicheia R
D-BT01/052 Planar Prevent Dragon 1 Stoicheia Sentinel R+H+SP
D-BT01/053 Cursed Souls Squirming in Agony 3 Stoicheia Normal Order R
D-BT01/054 Grief, Despair, and Rejection 3 Stoicheia Normal Order R+H
D-BT01/055 Spiritual Body Condensation 1 Stoicheia Normal Order R+H
D-BT01/056 Stealth Dragon, Hadou Shugen 3 Dragon Empire Persona Ride C
D-BT01/057 Stealth Rogue of Iron Blade, Oshikuni 2 Dragon Empire C
D-BT01/058 Dragritter, Zafar 2 Dragon Empire C
D-BT01/059 Extremist Dragon, Velocihazard 1 Dragon Empire C
D-BT01/060 Gunning of Dust Storm, Nigel 1 Dragon Empire C+H
D-BT01/061 Stealth Fiend, Shigamanago 1 Dragon Empire C+H
D-BT01/062 Double Gun of Dust Storm, Bart 0 Dragon Empire C+H
D-BT01/063 Conduct Spark Dragon 0 Dragon Empire Critical C+H
D-BT01/064 Rushing Dragon, Steel Dilopho 0 Dragon Empire Draw C+H
D-BT01/065 Stealth Dragon, Jaengoku 0 Dragon Empire Front C+H
D-BT01/066 White Light Dragon, Parasolace 0 Dragon Empire Heal C+H
D-BT01/067 Sunlight Punishment 3 Dragon Empire Normal Order C
D-BT01/068 Burn Bright, Pure Prayers 2 Dragon Empire Blitz Order C
D-BT01/069 Selfish Engraver 2 Dark States C+H
D-BT01/070 Soulful Wildmaster, Megan 2 Dark States C
D-BT01/071 Eminence Jaboberus 1 Dark States C
D-BT01/072 Steam Artist, Pithana 1 Dark States C
D-BT01/073 Steam Detective, Uvaritt 1 Dark States C
D-BT01/074 Direful Doll, Simone 1 Dark States C
D-BT01/075 Deep Soniker 1 Dark States C+H
D-BT01/076 Uncanny Burning 0 Dark States C+H
D-BT01/077 Flinty Slasher 0 Dark States Critical C+H
D-BT01/078 Vital Leaver 0 Dark States Draw C+H
D-BT01/079 Huckle Hustle 0 Dark States Front C+H
D-BT01/080 Steam Scara, Mal-Nigal 0 Dark States Heal C+H
D-BT01/081 Tartaros Beatscram 1 Dark States Blitz Order C
D-BT01/082 Lightning Thief Monster, Jabattail 3 Brandt Gate Persona Ride C
D-BT01/083 Grapple External 2 Brandt Gate C
D-BT01/084 Cardinal Noid, Routis 1 Brandt Gate C+H+SP
D-BT01/085 Electrode Monster, Adapton 1 Brandt Gate C
D-BT01/086 Useful Recharger 1 Brandt Gate C
D-BT01/087 Cardinal Fang, Phovi 0 Brandt Gate C+H+SP
D-BT01/088 Cardinal Draco, Barbizonde 0 Brandt Gate Critical C+H+SP
D-BT01/089 Cardinal Fang, Fulgrus 0 Brandt Gate Draw C+H
D-BT01/090 Cardinal Draco, Aeblood 0 Brandt Gate Front C+H
D-BT01/091 Cardinal Prima, Nabilem 0 Brandt Gate Heal C+H+SP
D-BT01/092 Causality Goes Crazy as I Will It 2 Brandt Gate Normal Order C
D-BT01/093 Lightning Barrier, Emergency Deployment! 1 Brandt Gate Blitz Order C
D-BT01/094 In the Darkness Nobody Knows 3 Brandt Gate Set Order C+H
D-BT01/095 Actual Analyst, Kokabiel 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride C
D-BT01/096 Divine Sister, Lepisto 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride C
D-BT01/097 Remission Sword, Phanuel 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride C
D-BT01/098 Divine Sister, Pastelitos 2 Keter Sanctuary C
D-BT01/099 Tier Square Sorceress 1 Keter Sanctuary C+H
D-BT01/100 Knight of Heavenly Wind, Vachel 1 Keter Sanctuary C
D-BT01/101 Tri Connect Sorceress 0 Keter Sanctuary C+H
D-BT01/102 White Fang Witch, Disma 0 Keter Sanctuary Critical C+H
D-BT01/103 Exalting Knight, Eafred 0 Keter Sanctuary Draw C+H
D-BT01/104 White Crow Sorcerer, Taxus 0 Keter Sanctuary Front C+H
D-BT01/105 Circuling Sorceress 0 Keter Sanctuary Heal C+H
D-BT01/106 Downswing of Sword of Judgement 3 Keter Sanctuary Normal Order C
D-BT01/107 Hopeful Testode 3 Keter Sanctuary Blitz Order C
D-BT01/108 Astute Noble, Eddga 3 Stoicheia Persona Ride C
D-BT01/109 Hydrolic Ram Dragon 3 Stoicheia Persona Ride C
D-BT01/110 Dark Pilgrimage 1 Stoicheia C
D-BT01/111 Rancor Chain 1 Stoicheia C+H+SP
D-BT01/112 Conspiring Mutant, Admantis 1 Stoicheia C
D-BT01/113 Dream Nibbling 0 Stoicheia C+H+SP
D-BT01/114 Abyss Temptation 0 Stoicheia Critical C+H+SP
D-BT01/115 Lost Child of Attachment 0 Stoicheia Draw C+H
D-BT01/116 Grudgeful Hatchet 0 Stoicheia Front C+H
D-BT01/117 Elegy Pixy 0 Stoicheia Heal C+H+SP
D-BT01/118 Tearful Malice 2 Stoicheia Normal Order C
D-BT01/119 Ghost Chase 2 Stoicheia Blitz Order C
D-BT01/120 Sealed Path 2 Stoicheia Blitz Order C
D-BT01/T01 Shadow Army Token 1 Brandt Gate
D-BT01/DSR01 Trickstar 0 Dragon Empire DSR
D-BT01/DSR02 Chakrabarthi Divine Dragon, Nirvana 3 Dragon Empire Persona Ride DSR

Nation/Grade Breakdown

NationGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Total
Dragon Empire 6(+1) 5 8 5(+1) 24(+2)
Dark States 6 9 5 4 24
Brandt Gate 6 7 7 4 24
Keter Sanctuary 6 6 2 10 24
Stoicheia 6 5 8 5 24