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Advance of Intertwined Stars is the 3rd D-icon.png Booster Set released in the Japanese and English formats.



Card List

Card No. Name Grade Nation Type Rarity
D-BT03/001 Vairina Exspecta 3 Dragon Empire Persona Ride RRR+SP
D-BT03/002 Howitzer of Dust Storm, Dustin 2 Dragon Empire RRR+SP
D-BT03/003 Avaricious Demonic Dragon, Greedon 3 Dark States Persona Ride RRR+SP
D-BT03/004 Diabolos Returner, Deryck 2 Dark States RRR+SP
D-BT03/005 Gravidia Nordlinger 3 Brandt Gate Persona Ride RRR+SP
D-BT03/006 Cardinal Draco, Destijade 2 Brandt Gate RRR+SP
D-BT03/007 Heavenly Shock of Distinction, Lagrele 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride RRR+SP
D-BT03/008 Magic of Objective, Kakarone 2 Keter Sanctuary RRR+SP
D-BT03/009 Flagship Dragon, Flagburg Dragon 3 Stoicheia Persona Ride RRR+SP
D-BT03/010 Shadowcloak 2 Stoicheia RRR+SP
D-BT03/011 Stealth Dragon, Fushimachi Madoka 1 Dragon Empire RR+SP
D-BT03/012 Blaze Maiden, Ximena 1 Dragon Empire RR+SP
D-BT03/013 Dragritter, Shihab 1 Dragon Empire RR+SP
D-BT03/014 Steam Mage, Ashur-da 2 Dark States RR+SP
D-BT03/015 Diabolos Madonna, Regina 1 Dark States RR+SP
D-BT03/016 Desire Devil, Incane 1 Dark States RR+SP
D-BT03/017 Aurora Battle Princess, Execute Lemonun 3 Brandt Gate Persona Ride RR+SP
D-BT03/018 Gravidia Stanner 2 Brandt Gate RR+SP
D-BT03/019 Aurora Battle Princess, Tra Bouquenvillea 1 Brandt Gate RR+SP
D-BT03/020 Easerod Angel 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride RR+SP
D-BT03/021 Heavenly Incitation Above the Clouds, Blagar 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride RR+SP
D-BT03/022 Magic of Revelation, Totris 1 Keter Sanctuary RR+SP
D-BT03/023 Aggress Blue Dragon 2 Stoicheia RR+SP
D-BT03/024 Sylvan Horned Beast, Gabregg 2 Stoicheia RR+SP
D-BT03/025 Sylvan Horned Beast, Enbarr 2 Stoicheia RR+SP
D-BT03/026 Blaze Fist Monk, Gyoukou 3 Dragon Empire Persona Ride R+H
D-BT03/027 Blaze Maiden, Toresa 2 Dragon Empire R+H
D-BT03/028 Steel Bullet of Dust Storm, Ethan 2 Dragon Empire R+H
D-BT03/029 Twin Strike of Dust Storm, Orlando 1 Dragon Empire R+H
D-BT03/030 Burning Flail Dragon 0 Dragon Empire Critical R+SP
D-BT03/031 Best Harvest 3 Dragon Empire Normal Order R+H
D-BT03/032 Diabolos Striker, Bryan 3 Dark States Persona Ride R+H
D-BT03/033 Keenly Loodely 2 Dark States R+H
D-BT03/034 Desire Devil, Boshokku 2 Dark States R+H+SP
D-BT03/035 Desire Devil, Mucca 2 Dark States R
D-BT03/036 Stem Deviate Dragon 0 Dark States Critical R+SP
D-BT03/037 Pandemonium Tactics 3 Dark States Normal Order R+H
D-BT03/038 Gravidia Barringer 2 Brandt Gate R+H+SP
D-BT03/039 Aurora Battle Princess, Survey Vermillion 2 Brandt Gate R+H
D-BT03/040 Cardinal Fang, Rayosia 1 Brandt Gate R+H
D-BT03/041 Gravidia Orgueil 1 Brandt Gate R
D-BT03/042 Patrol Robo, Dekarcop 0 Brandt Gate Critical R+SP
D-BT03/043 Overcoming an Eternity 3 Brandt Gate Set Order R+H
D-BT03/044 Knight of Severe Punishment, Geid 2 Keter Sanctuary R+H
D-BT03/045 Magic of Appreciation, Nanaful 2 Keter Sanctuary R+H
D-BT03/046 Drilling Angel 2 Keter Sanctuary R+H
D-BT03/047 Blade Feather Dragon 0 Keter Sanctuary Critical R+SP
D-BT03/048 Wish for Tomorrow 3 Keter Sanctuary Normal Order R+H
D-BT03/049 Pride to Protect 3 Keter Sanctuary Set Order R+H
D-BT03/050 Ascendance Assault 2 Stoicheia R+H+SP
D-BT03/051 Blooming Petal, Caryophyllus 2 Stoicheia R+H
D-BT03/052 High Rate Burst Dragon 1 Stoicheia R
D-BT03/053 Unappeasable Wild Crow 1 Stoicheia R
D-BT03/054 Aspiring Maiden, Alana 0 Stoicheia Critical R+SP
D-BT03/055 Death-inviting Black-magic 3 Stoicheia Normal Order R+H
D-BT03/056 Titlist Dragon, Musashid Armor 3 Dragon Empire Persona Ride C
D-BT03/057 Piercing Bullet of Dust Storm, Maynard 3 Dragon Empire Persona Ride C+H
D-BT03/058 Patrol Dragon, Scoutptera 2 Dragon Empire C
D-BT03/059 Blast Artillery Dragon, Brachioforce 2 Dragon Empire C+H
D-BT03/060 Blaze Pole Monk, Shakune 2 Dragon Empire C
D-BT03/061 Flare Scourge Dragon 2 Dragon Empire C
D-BT03/062 Stun Voltech Dragon 2 Dragon Empire C
D-BT03/063 Blaze Fist Monk, Tenji 1 Dragon Empire C+H
D-BT03/064 Angled Shot of Dust Storm, Alastair 1 Dragon Empire C
D-BT03/065 Hunting Bullet of Dust Storm, Cedric 1 Dragon Empire C
D-BT03/066 Deflect Pulse Dragon 1 Dragon Empire C
D-BT03/067 Prayer of Resonating Wishes 3 Dragon Empire Normal Order C+H
D-BT03/068 Ambush Killsmoke 2 Dragon Empire Blitz Order C+H
D-BT03/069 Diabolos Charger, Nate 3 Dark States Persona Ride C+H
D-BT03/070 Desire Devil, Hystera 3 Dark States Persona Ride C
D-BT03/071 Diabolos Madonna, Meryl 2 Dark States C
D-BT03/072 Desire Devil, Acratz 2 Dark States C+H
D-BT03/073 Piercing Assistant 2 Dark States C
D-BT03/074 Metallize Erosio 2 Dark States C
D-BT03/075 Evil Eye of Prohibition, Quen Lu 1 Dark States C+H
D-BT03/076 Diabolos Boys, Cyril 1 Dark States C
D-BT03/077 Diabolos Girls, Belinda 1 Dark States C
D-BT03/078 Desire Devil, Gouman 1 Dark States C+H+SP
D-BT03/079 Desire Devil, Yaaba 1 Dark States C+H
D-BT03/080 Desire Devil, Taida 0 Dark States C+H+SP
D-BT03/081 Geo Acceleration 1 Dark States Blitz Order C
D-BT03/082 Cardinal Draco, Stil Juge 3 Brandt Gate Persona Ride C
D-BT03/083 Gravidia Pribram 3 Brandt Gate Persona Ride C+H
D-BT03/084 Aurora Battle Princess, Cuff Spring 2 Brandt Gate C+H
D-BT03/085 Cardinal Draco, Abstrim 2 Brandt Gate C
D-BT03/086 Gravidia Laigle 2 Brandt Gate C+H
D-BT03/087 Blitz Interrupter 2 Brandt Gate C
D-BT03/088 Cardinal Fang, Kinetia 1 Brandt Gate C
D-BT03/089 Aurora Battle Princess, Shirer Zenith 1 Brandt Gate C
D-BT03/090 Gravidia Wells 1 Brandt Gate C+H+SP
D-BT03/091 Aurora Battle Princess, Tear Croca 1 Brandt Gate C
D-BT03/092 Gravidia Dellen 0 Brandt Gate C+H+SP
D-BT03/093 Refablishment Dock 2 Brandt Gate Set Order C+H
D-BT03/094 Neatness Meteor Shower 1 Brandt Gate Set Order C+SP
D-BT03/095 Heavenly Core of Wonder, Fortitudo 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride C
D-BT03/096 Heaven Sent Great Magic, Milmomo 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride C
D-BT03/097 Bullseye Scope, Gaderel 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride C+H
D-BT03/098 Heavenly Shield of Encompassment, Felicida 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride C+H
D-BT03/099 Knight of Heavenly Bullet, Proklis 2 Keter Sanctuary C+H
D-BT03/100 Magic of Realization, Kikitsch 1 Keter Sanctuary C
D-BT03/101 Diffuser Angel 1 Keter Sanctuary C
D-BT03/102 Knight of Heavenly Piercing, Esalta 1 Keter Sanctuary C+H
D-BT03/103 Knight of Heavenly Stride, Salire 1 Keter Sanctuary C
D-BT03/104 Magic of Starry Skies, Marlna 1 Keter Sanctuary C
D-BT03/105 Removal Angel 1 Keter Sanctuary C
D-BT03/106 Knight of Heavenly Release, Hulp 1 Keter Sanctuary C+H
D-BT03/107 Light that Shines upon the Truth 3 Keter Sanctuary Blitz Order C
D-BT03/108 Fabricated Dragon of Ruination 3 Stoicheia Persona Ride C
D-BT03/109 Miscreant Beating 3 Stoicheia Persona Ride C+H
D-BT03/110 Creed Assault 2 Stoicheia C+H
D-BT03/111 Sylvan Horned Beast, Linbur 2 Stoicheia C+H
D-BT03/112 Sylvan Horned Beast, Barometz 1 Stoicheia C
D-BT03/113 Inroad Shooter 1 Stoicheia C+H+SP
D-BT03/114 Sylvan Horned Beast, Molemora 1 Stoicheia C+H
D-BT03/115 Carrion Processing 1 Stoicheia C
D-BT03/116 Prized Trident 1 Stoicheia C
D-BT03/117 Sylvan Horned Beast, Hedgc 1 Stoicheia C
D-BT03/118 Officer Cadet, Charicles 0 Stoicheia C+H+SP
D-BT03/119 In Search of an Ideal Far Away 1 Stoicheia Normal Order C+H
D-BT03/120 Hidden in Darkness 2 Stoicheia Blitz Order C
D-BT03/DSR01 Sylvan Horned Beast King, Magnolia 3 Stoicheia Persona Ride DSR
D-BT03/DSR02 Aurora Battle Princess, Seraph Snow 3 Brandt Gate Persona Ride DSR

Korean Edition

Card No. Name Grade Nation Type Rarity
D-BT03/WO01KR Vital Charger, Lizary 0 Brandt Gate Heal WO

Nation/Grade Breakdown

NationGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Total
Dragon Empire 1 8 8 7 24
Dark States 2 8 9 5 24
Brandt Gate 2(+WO) 8 9 5(+1) 24(+1) (+WO)
Keter Sanctuary 1 8 5 10 24
Stoicheia 2 9 9 4(+1) 24(+1)