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Awakening of Chakrabarthi is the 4th D-icon.png Booster Set released in the Japanese and English formats.



Card List

Card No. Name Grade Nation Type Rarity
D-BT04/001 Dragon Empire RRR
D-BT04/002 Dragon Empire RRR
D-BT04/003 Trickmoon 0 Dragon Empire RRR
D-BT04/004 RRR
D-BT04/005 Desire Devil, Bubetsuu 1 Dark States RRR
D-BT04/006 RRR
D-BT04/007 RRR
D-BT04/008 Cardinal Draco, Masliah 3 Brandt Gate Persona Ride RRR
D-BT04/009 Gravidia Bacubirito 3 Brandt Gate Persona Ride RRR
D-BT04/010 RRR
D-BT04/011 RRR
D-BT04/012 Magic of Recurrence, Lalalita 1 Keter Sanctuary RRR
D-BT04/013 Sylvan Horned Beast Emperor, Magnolia Elder 4 Stoicheia RRR
D-BT04/014 Blue Artillery Dragon, Inlet Pulse Dragon 3 Stoicheia Persona Ride RRR
D-BT04/015 Stoicheia RRR
D-BT04/016 Dragon Empire RR
D-BT04/017 Twin Bullet of Dust Storm, Travis 2 Dragon Empire RR
D-BT04/018 Sealed Blaze Spear, Aadhitya 3 Dragon Empire Order/Arms RR
D-BT04/019 Desire Devil, Kenen 2 Dark States RR
D-BT04/020 Cutting Sword Dance, Chegra 2 Dark States RR
D-BT04/021 Diabolos Striker, Lyle 2 Dark States RR
D-BT04/022 RR
D-BT04/023 Gravidia Shergo 2 Brandt Gate RR
D-BT04/024 RR
D-BT04/025 Twin-chain Great Magic, Totone 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride RR
D-BT04/026 Keter Sanctuary RR
D-BT04/027 Knight of Armor Piercing, Mugain 1 Keter Sanctuary RR
D-BT04/028 Sylvan Horned Beast, Panthero 2 Stoicheia RR
D-BT04/029 Stoicheia RR
D-BT04/030 Stoicheia RR
D-BT04/031 Dragon Empire R
D-BT04/032 Dragon Empire R
D-BT04/033 Dragon Empire R
D-BT04/034 Flare Veil Dragon 0 Dragon Empire Draw R
D-BT04/035 Sealed Blaze Gun, Chandra 3 Dragon Empire Order/Arms R
D-BT04/036 Sublimating Wishes 2 Dragon Empire Normal Order R
D-BT04/037 Aureate Haze Rapture 3 Dark States Persona Ride R
D-BT04/038 Desire Devil, Walzure 3 Dark States Persona Ride R
D-BT04/039 Dark States R
D-BT04/040 Diabolos Boys, Crasty 1 Dark States R
D-BT04/041 Rouse Wildmaster, Riley 0 Dark States Draw R
D-BT04/042 R
D-BT04/043 Aurora Battle Princess, Taser Large 3 Brandt Gate R
D-BT04/044 Brandt Gate R
D-BT04/045 Brandt Gate R
D-BT04/046 Ameliorate Connector 0 Brandt Gate Draw R
D-BT04/047 Brandt Gate R
D-BT04/048 Falling Hellhazard 2 Brandt Gate Set Order R
D-BT04/049 R
D-BT04/050 R
D-BT04/051 R
D-BT04/052 R
D-BT04/053 Leapmya 1 Keter Sanctuary R
D-BT04/054 Protection Magic, Prorobi 0 Keter Sanctuary Draw R
D-BT04/055 Sylvan Horned Beast, Giraffina 2 Stoicheia R
D-BT04/056 Heavy Strike Brave Shooter 2 Stoicheia R
D-BT04/057 Breeze of Tides 1 Stoicheia R
D-BT04/058 Sylvan Horned Beast, Alvan 1 Stoicheia R
D-BT04/059 Serene Maiden, Lena 0 Stoicheia Draw R
D-BT04/060 Consuming the High-grade Sake Banned for its Sins 2 Stoicheia Blitz Order R
D-BT04/061 Dragon Empire C
D-BT04/062 Sealed Blaze Dragon, Sikshanya 2 Dragon Empire C
D-BT04/063 2 Dragon Empire C
D-BT04/064 Stealth Dragon, Shakugan 2 Dragon Empire C
D-BT04/065 Lava Wire Dragon 2 Dragon Empire C
D-BT04/066 Throwing Bullet of Dust Storm, Ollie 1 Dragon Empire C
D-BT04/067 Throwing Artillery of Dust Storm, Dollie 1 Dragon Empire C
D-BT04/068 1 Dragon Empire C
D-BT04/069 Sealed Blaze Dragon, Ihsita 1 Dragon Empire C
D-BT04/070 Dragon Empire C
D-BT04/071 Solitary Spiritual Treasure 3 Dragon Empire Normal Order C
D-BT04/072 Wind of Apocalypse 3 Dragon Empire Blitz Order C
D-BT04/073 Diabolos Charger, Davan 3 Dark States Persona Ride C
D-BT04/074 Desire Devil, Gamettsu 3 Dark States Persona Ride C
D-BT04/075 Lightning Vortex-tinged Gear Eland 2 Dark States C
D-BT04/076 2 Dark States C
D-BT04/077 Diabolos Madonna, Listh 2 Dark States C
D-BT04/078 Desire Devil, Besshii 2 Dark States C
D-BT04/079 Violet Phantasm Butterfly, Fanju 1 Dark States C
D-BT04/080 Steam Hunter, Nanul 1 Dark States C
D-BT04/081 1 Dark States C
D-BT04/082 1 Dark States C
D-BT04/083 Desire Devil, Yada 1 Dark States C
D-BT04/084 C
D-BT04/085 C
D-BT04/086 Aurora Battle Princess, Chasing Neel 3 Brandt Gate Persona Ride C
D-BT04/087 Cardinal Noid, Negulita 2 Brandt Gate C
D-BT04/088 Aurora Battle Princess, Trace Jeune 2 Brandt Gate C
D-BT04/089 2 Brandt Gate C
D-BT04/090 2 Brandt Gate C
D-BT04/091 Melting Monster, Orsidiran 2 Brandt Gate C
D-BT04/092 Cardinal Noid, Suprema 1 Brandt Gate C
D-BT04/093 Gravidia Eibi 1 Brandt Gate C
D-BT04/094 Brandt Gate C
D-BT04/095 Brandt Gate C
D-BT04/096 Aurora Battle Princess Searching Net, Great Extraordinary Chase! 2 Brandt Gate Normal Order C
D-BT04/097 C
D-BT04/098 C
D-BT04/099 Desire Magic, Esnono 2 Keter Sanctuary C
D-BT04/100 Knight of Heavenly Flash, Ecclesia 2 Keter Sanctuary C
D-BT04/101 Keter Sanctuary C
D-BT04/102 Keter Sanctuary C
D-BT04/103 Keter Sanctuary C
D-BT04/104 Stepmya 1 Keter Sanctuary C
D-BT04/105 Keter Sanctuary C
D-BT04/106 Keter Sanctuary C
D-BT04/107 Keter Sanctuary C
D-BT04/108 Divine Protection of the Abyss Dragon 3 Keter Sanctuary Blitz Order C
D-BT04/109 Wicked Chef 3 Stoicheia Persona Ride C
D-BT04/110 Stoicheia C
D-BT04/111 Stoicheia C
D-BT04/112 Stoicheia C
D-BT04/113 Sylvan Horned Beast, Leuca 2 Stoicheia C
D-BT04/114 Darkness Diver 2 Stoicheia C
D-BT04/115 Tuning Madness 1 Stoicheia C
D-BT04/116 Flourish Petal, Latia 1 Stoicheia C
D-BT04/117 Sylvan Horned Beast, Lemrea 1 Stoicheia C
D-BT04/118 Let the Screams Dissolve into the Sound of the Rain 3 Stoicheia Normal Order C
D-BT04/119 Stoicheia C
D-BT04/120 Stoicheia C

English Edition

Card No. Name Grade Nation Type Rarity
D-BT04/WO01EN Soul Repose Pixy, Petronella 0 Stoicheia Heal WO

Confirmed Cards

Card No. Name Grade Nation Type Rarity
D-BT04/??? Vairina Esperaridea Dragon Empire

Nation/Grade Breakdown

NationGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Total
Dragon Empire
Dark States
Brandt Gate
Keter Sanctuary