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Triumphant Return of the Brave Heroes is the 5th D-icon.png Booster Set released in the Japanese and English formats.



Card List

Card No. Name Grade Nation Type Rarity
D-BT05/001 Dragonic Overlord the End 3 Dragon Empire Persona Ride 10thRRR+10thSP+SP+SEC
D-BT05/002 Burning Horn Dragon 2 Dragon Empire 10thRRR+SP
D-BT05/003 Phantom Blaster Overlord 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride 10thRRR+10thSP+SP+SEC
D-BT05/004 Majesty Lord Blaster 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride 10thRRR+10thSP+SP
D-BT05/005 Blaster Blade 2 Keter Sanctuary 10thRRR+SP+10thSEC
D-BT05/006 Skull Witch, Nemain 2 Keter Sanctuary 10thRRR+SP
D-BT05/007 Deepening Night, Tamayura 3 Dragon Empire Persona Ride RRR+SP
D-BT05/008 Approaching Fangs, Kheios 3 Dark States Persona Ride RRR+SP
D-BT05/009 Fountain of Knowledge, Eva 3 Brandt Gate Persona Ride RRR+SP
D-BT05/010 One Who Walks the Path of Light, Thegrea 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride RRR+SP
D-BT05/011 One Who Blooms in the Dark, Thegrea 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride RRR+SP
D-BT05/012 For One's Precious Thing, Rorowa 3 Stoicheia Persona Ride RRR+SP
D-BT05/013 Dragritter Girl of Flame Blossoms, Radylina 2 Dragon Empire RRR+SP
D-BT05/014 Twin Direful Dolls, Ririmi 2 Dark States RRR+SP
Dragon Empire
D-BT05/015 Twin Direful Dolls, Rarami 2 Dark States RRR+SP
Dragon Empire
D-BT05/016 Cool-headed Executor, Mikani 3 Brandt Gate Persona Ride RRR+SP
Dark States
D-BT05/017 Knight of Blackness, Obscudeid 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride RRR+SP
Brandt Gate
D-BT05/018 Atrocious? Moth Girl, Maple 2 Stoicheia RRR+SP
Keter Sanctuary
D-BT05/019 Perforate Burner Dragon 2 Dragon Empire RR
D-BT05/020 Stealth Fiend, Forktail 1 Dragon Empire RR
D-BT05/021 Acute Dragon, Eoraphas 1 Dragon Empire RR
D-BT05/022 Stealth Fiend, Amaviera 0 Dragon Empire Heal RR+SP
D-BT05/023 Amazing Frost 2 Dark States RR
D-BT05/024 Steam Maiden, Barni 1 Dark States RR
D-BT05/025 Incorruptible Holy Light, Eufha 0 Dark States Heal RR+SP
D-BT05/026 Pantarhei Dragon 2 Brandt Gate RR
D-BT05/027 Lady Healer of the Creaking World 0 Brandt Gate Heal RR+SP
D-BT05/028 Experiment Successful! 2 Brandt Gate Set Order RR+SP
D-BT05/029 Knight of Protective Spear, Arthen 2 Keter Sanctuary RR
D-BT05/030 Knight of Loyalty, Bedivere 2 Keter Sanctuary RR+SP
D-BT05/031 Livesaving Angel, Digriel 1 Keter Sanctuary RR
D-BT05/032 Prohibited Sight Witch, Erunmes 1 Keter Sanctuary RR
D-BT05/033 Knight of Friendship, Kay 1 Keter Sanctuary RR+SP
D-BT05/034 Invigorate Sage 0 Keter Sanctuary Heal RR+SP
D-BT05/035 Prodpollen Rafilous 2 Stoicheia RR
D-BT05/036 Adhesive Thread Monster, Actiasticky 1 Stoicheia RR
D-BT05/037 Zypsophilia Fairy, Asher 0 Stoicheia Heal RR+SP
D-BT05/038 Motive Stealth Rogue, Tsumugi 2 Dragon Empire R+H
D-BT05/039 Festival of Burning, Tamayura 2 Dragon Empire R+H+SP
D-BT05/040 Fleeting Shine That Lights Life 2 Dragon Empire Blitz Order R+H+SP
D-BT05/041 Quagmire of Solace, Kheios 2 Dark States R+H+SP
D-BT05/042 Clumsy Assistant 1 Dark States R+H
D-BT05/043 Flaming Pony 1 Dark States R+H
D-BT05/044 Smooth Research Progress, Eva 2 Brandt Gate R+H+SP
D-BT05/045 Aiding Monster, Tectien 2 Brandt Gate R+H
D-BT05/046 Obliging Monster, Secondel 1 Brandt Gate R+H
D-BT05/047 Harsh Training, Thegrea 2 Keter Sanctuary R+H+SP
D-BT05/048 Knight of Spright, Freeda 2 Keter Sanctuary R+H
D-BT05/049 Blaster Dark 2 Keter Sanctuary R+H
D-BT05/050 Energy Refill Angel 1 Keter Sanctuary R+H
D-BT05/051 Little Sage, Marron 1 Keter Sanctuary R+H+SP
D-BT05/052 Bravery To Stand Against, Will to Pierce Through 3 Keter Sanctuary Normal Order R+H+SP
D-BT05/053 The World 3000 Years Later, Rorowa 2 Stoicheia R+H+SP
D-BT05/054 Battle Siren, Shuzet 2 Stoicheia R+H
D-BT05/055 Stepping Calyx, Salvia 1 Stoicheia R+H
D-BT05/056 Excavation Dragon, Bariodigneel 3 Dragon Empire Persona Ride C+H
D-BT05/057 Stealth Dragon, Hadanressou 2 Dragon Empire C+H
D-BT05/058 Rumbling Shear Dragon 2 Dragon Empire C+H
D-BT05/059 In the Calm Sunlight, Tamayura 1 Dragon Empire C+H+SP
D-BT05/060 Ignite Blow Dragon 1 Dragon Empire C+H
D-BT05/061 Nine-tailed Fox Spirit, Tamayura 0 Dragon Empire C+H+SP
D-BT05/062 Amazement Magician 2 Dark States C+H
D-BT05/063 Indicate Arrow Dragon 2 Dark States C+H
D-BT05/064 Steam Reaper, Nannia 2 Dark States C+H
D-BT05/065 In the Calm Streets, Kheios 1 Dark States C+H+SP
D-BT05/066 One With Profound Mercy, Kheios 0 Dark States C+H+SP
D-BT05/067 Heavyarmed Panzer 2 Brandt Gate C+H
D-BT05/068 Suppression Robo, Sir Repel 2 Brandt Gate C+H
D-BT05/069 AiD 9-V 1 Brandt Gate C+H
D-BT05/070 An Afternoon Nap Regardless of Place, Eva 1 Brandt Gate C+H+SP
D-BT05/071 Successor of the Variable Star 1 Brandt Gate C+H
D-BT05/072 One Who Craves Knowledge, Eva 0 Brandt Gate C+H+SP
D-BT05/073 Kindlight Dragon 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride C+H
D-BT05/074 Gigantech Beater 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride C+H
D-BT05/075 Knight of Clearsightness, Arvirargus 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride C+H
D-BT05/076 Divine Sister, Saint-Honoré 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride C+H
D-BT05/077 Knight of Fearlessness, Rediquess 2 Keter Sanctuary C+H
D-BT05/078 Ampoule Scatterer Angel 2 Keter Sanctuary C+H
D-BT05/079 Knight of Old Animosity, Camloss 2 Keter Sanctuary C+H
D-BT05/080 Orgulous Lion 1 Keter Sanctuary C+H
D-BT05/081 Beneath the Brilliant Light, Thegrea 1 Keter Sanctuary C+H+SP
D-BT05/082 Glintbreath Dragon 1 Keter Sanctuary C+H
D-BT05/083 Wingal Brave 0 Keter Sanctuary C+H+SP
D-BT05/084 Knight of Integrity, Thegrea 0 Keter Sanctuary C+H+SP
D-BT05/085 Rancor Spear Trooper 2 Stoicheia C+H
D-BT05/086 Tear Knight, Fleche 2 Stoicheia C+H
D-BT05/087 Wild-fire Brave Shooter 2 Stoicheia C+H
D-BT05/088 Awakening from Slumber, Rorowa 1 Stoicheia C+H+SP
D-BT05/089 Knight of Nostalgia, Marco 1 Stoicheia C+H
D-BT05/090 Bioroid Youth, Rorowa 0 Stoicheia C+H+SP
D-BT05/T01 Momokke Token 0 Dragon Empire T+H
D-BT05/T02 Plant Token 0 T+H

World Originals

Card No. Name Grade Nation Type Rarity
D-BT05/WO01KR Thundering Dragon King of Battle Dust, Shadlanahda 0 Dragon Empire Over WO
D-BT05/WO01EN Sensuality Elixir, Faevronia 0 Dark States Heal WO

Nation/Grade Breakdown

NationGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Total
Dragon Empire 4(+WO) 4 10 3 21(+WO)
Dark States 2(+WO) 4 7 2 15(+WO)
Brandt Gate 2 4 6 3 15
Keter Sanctuary 3 8 10(+1) 10 31(+1)
Stoicheia 3 4 8 1 16
Other 1 - - - 1