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Dragon Masquerade is the 10th D-icon Booster Set released in the Japanese and English formats.



Card List[]

Card No. Name Grade Nation Type Rarity
D-BT10/001 Scarlet Flame Marshal Dragon, Gandeeva 3 Dragon Empire Persona Ride RRR+FFR
D-BT10/002 Great Flame Axe of Ambitious Scales, Colgaflan 2 Dragon Empire RRR+FFR
D-BT10/003 Mirror Reflection Equip, Mirrors Vairina 2 Dragon Empire RRR+FFR+SEC
D-BT10/004 Karmic Demonic Jewel Dragon, Drajeweled Masques 3 Dark States Persona Ride RRR+FFR+SEC
D-BT10/005 Xeno Almajestar, Astroea゠Bico Masques 3 Dark States Persona Ride RRR+FFR+SEC
D-BT10/006 Black Sky Thunder Quaking Queen, Leimina 2 Dark States RRR+FFR
D-BT10/007 Aurora Battle Princess, Penetrate Aquas 3 Brandt Gate Persona Ride RRR+FFR
D-BT10/008 Sickle Blade of Inquest, Habitable Zone 2 Brandt Gate RRR+FFR
D-BT10/009 Blue Deathster, Hanada Halfway 1 Brandt Gate RRR+FFR
D-BT10/010 Great Sage of Heavenly Law, Solrairon 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride RRR+FFR
D-BT10/011 Hexaorb Sorceress, "Aquamarine" 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride RRR+FFR
D-BT10/012 Spiral Cutie Angel 2 Keter Sanctuary RRR+FFR
D-BT10/013 Teasing Spiritualist, Zorga Masques 3 Stoicheia Persona Ride RRR+FFR+SEC
D-BT10/014 Servitude of Funeral Procession, Lianorn Masques 3 Stoicheia Persona Ride RRR+FFR+SEC
D-BT10/015 Love-binding Maiden, Margaret 2 Stoicheia RRR+FFR
D-BT10/016 Inscribing Bullet of Dust Storm, Baxter 2 Dragon Empire RR+FR
D-BT10/017 Dragritter, Alfaqaar 2 Dragon Empire RR+FR
D-BT10/018 Crimson Scale Sword Maestro, Burnaia 1 Dragon Empire RR+FR
D-BT10/019 Illuminate Equip Dragon, Graillumirror 1 Dragon Empire RR+FR
D-BT10/020 Diabolos Heavy Launcher, Patrick 2 Dark States RR+FR
D-BT10/021 Desire Devil, Fuujo 2 Dark States RR+FR
D-BT10/022 Dragontree Wretch, Skull Chemdah 2 Dark States RR+FR
D-BT10/023 Twin Marvel Dragon 1 Dark States RR+FR
D-BT10/024 Solide Sturmer 2 Brandt Gate RR+FR
D-BT10/025 Aurora Battle Princess, Grenade Marieda 1 Brandt Gate RR+FR
D-BT10/026 Dissolving Heat Monster, Radiabilio 1 Brandt Gate RR+FR
D-BT10/027 Cardinal Principle, Lorfield 1 Brandt Gate RR+FR
D-BT10/028 Dependable Pierce Dragon 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride RR+FR
D-BT10/029 Effulgent Wizard 2 Keter Sanctuary RR+FR
D-BT10/030 Sacrosanct Dragon 2 Keter Sanctuary RR+FR
D-BT10/031 Replenishment Angel 1 Keter Sanctuary RR+FR
D-BT10/032 Dragontree Wretch, Depth Iweleth 2 Stoicheia RR+FR
D-BT10/033 Keel Severing 2 Stoicheia RR+FR
D-BT10/034 Knight of Amity, Roderick 1 Stoicheia RR+FR
D-BT10/035 Spouting Intimacy, Amlia 1 Stoicheia RR+FR
D-BT10/036 Masque of Hydragrum 3 Normal Order RR+FR
D-BT10/037 Wilderness Dragon 2 Dragon Empire R+FR
D-BT10/038 Scarlet Flame Bow General, Ruguent 2 Dragon Empire R+FR
D-BT10/039 Blaze Maiden, Hanife 1 Dragon Empire R+FR
D-BT10/040 Scarlet Flame Bow of Demolition 3 Dragon Empire Normal Order R+FR
D-BT10/041 Cranium Burner 2 Dark States R+FR
D-BT10/042 Awkward Ravager 1 Dark States R+FR
D-BT10/043 Desire Devil, Guutaran 1 Dark States R+FR
D-BT10/044 Cage of Furious Star 3 Dark States Normal Order R+FR
D-BT10/045 Thunderous Fist Dragon, Gyeirom Dragon 2 Brandt Gate R+FR
D-BT10/046 Blue Deathster, Req Gewehnr 2 Brandt Gate R+FR
D-BT10/047 Putzen Schwestern, Weepl 1 Brandt Gate R+FR
D-BT10/048 Dispatch! Three Sisters of Cleaning! 1 Brandt Gate Set Order R+FR
D-BT10/049 Academic of Verification, Piric 2 Keter Sanctuary R+FR
D-BT10/050 Truncate Breath Dragon 2 Keter Sanctuary R+FR
D-BT10/051 Magic of Water Droplets, Wtater 1 Keter Sanctuary R+FR
D-BT10/052 Trumpet of Blessing 3 Keter Sanctuary Normal Order R+FR
D-BT10/053 Sylvan Horned Beast, Lahbart 2 Stoicheia R+FR
D-BT10/054 Surging Sharp Fangs 1 Stoicheia R+FR
D-BT10/055 Champion of Loss 1 Stoicheia R+FR
D-BT10/056 Rousing Rasp 0 Stoicheia Normal Order R+FR
D-BT10/057 Thirstray Dragon 3 Dragon Empire Persona Ride C
D-BT10/058 Equip Scrape Dragon, Drilyze 3 Dragon Empire Persona Ride C
D-BT10/059 Scarlet Flame Bow General, Stirgna 3 Dragon Empire Persona Ride C
D-BT10/060 Scarlet Flame Bow General, Dipaanel 2 Dragon Empire C
D-BT10/061 Strenuous Bomber Dragon 1 Dragon Empire C
D-BT10/062 Scarlet Flame Bow Soldier, Aguired 1 Dragon Empire C
D-BT10/063 Scarlet Flame Bow Soldier, Boucen 1 Dragon Empire C
D-BT10/064 Scarlet Flame New Soldier, Buckish 0 Dragon Empire C
D-BT10/065 Generous Evil Swordsman, Zaleos 2 Dark States C
D-BT10/066 Steam Performer, Ddu 2 Dark States C
D-BT10/067 Steam Hunter, Zuqaqip 2 Dark States C
D-BT10/068 Brawl Field Hydra 2 Dark States C
D-BT10/069 Gifforz Cetos 1 Dark States C
D-BT10/070 Steam Launcher, Yasmah 1 Dark States C
D-BT10/071 Spooky Chirpy 1 Dark States C
D-BT10/072 Diabolos Girls, Heidi 1 Dark States C
D-BT10/073 Volheimer Dragon 3 Brandt Gate Persona Ride C
D-BT10/074 Cardinal Noid, Grunder 2 Brandt Gate C
D-BT10/075 Threat Fusionegater 2 Brandt Gate C
D-BT10/076 Flight Robo, Erial Haeli 2 Brandt Gate C
D-BT10/077 SeRVe 9-G 1 Brandt Gate C
D-BT10/078 Putzen Schwestern, Bruush 1 Brandt Gate C
D-BT10/079 Putzen Schwestern, Mopy 1 Brandt Gate C
D-BT10/080 Inciting Monster, Trafficon 1 Brandt Gate C
D-BT10/081 Eulogistic Dragon 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride C
D-BT10/082 Sage of Robust, Stogron 2 Keter Sanctuary C
D-BT10/083 Incisive Crow 1 Keter Sanctuary C
D-BT10/084 Intriguing Academic, Intieres 1 Keter Sanctuary C
D-BT10/085 Orderly Academic, Ordelio 1 Keter Sanctuary C
D-BT10/086 Balmy Violinist 1 Keter Sanctuary C
D-BT10/087 Sage of Elixir, Eliron 1 Keter Sanctuary C
D-BT10/088 Sage of Horoscopy, Sron 0 Keter Sanctuary C
D-BT10/089 Ascertain Dragon 3 Stoicheia Persona Ride C
D-BT10/090 Screwbullet Dragon 3 Stoicheia Persona Ride C
D-BT10/091 Sea Demon of Satiation 3 Stoicheia Persona Ride C
D-BT10/092 Sylvan Horned Beast, Kornms 2 Stoicheia C
D-BT10/093 Spry Cactus 2 Stoicheia C
D-BT10/094 Compass Needle Spinning 2 Stoicheia C
D-BT10/095 Citrusan 1 Stoicheia C
D-BT10/096 Deathly Silence Hunter, Lepardia 1 Stoicheia C
D-BT10/T01 Dragontree - - T

Edition Exclusive[]

Card No. Name Grade Nation Type Rarity
D-BT10/EX01EN Where Sakura Dance, Sakura Miko 3 Lyrical Monasterio Persona Ride EX
D-BT10/EX02EN Elite Miko Vtuber, Sakura Miko 2 Lyrical Monasterio EX
D-BT10/EX03EN Idol VTuber, Hoshimachi Suisei 1 Lyrical Monasterio EX
D-BT10/EX04EN To Her Dream Stage, Hoshimachi Suisei 1 Lyrical Monasterio EX
D-BT10/EX05EN Under a Starry Sky of Dancing Sakura, miComet 0 Lyrical Monasterio EX
D-BT10/EX01 Poppin'Party, Kasumi Toyama 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX02 Poppin'Party, Tae Hanazono 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX03 Poppin'Party, Rimi Ushigome 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX04 Poppin'Party, Saya Yamabuki 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX05 Poppin'Party, Arisa Ichigaya 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX06 Afterglow, Ran Mitake 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX07 Afterglow, Moca Aoba 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX08 Afterglow, Himari Uehara 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX09 Afterglow, Tomoe Udagawa 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX10 Afterglow, Tsugumi Hazawa 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX11 Pastel*Palettes, Aya Maruyama 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX12 Pastel*Palettes, Hina Hikawa 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX13 Pastel*Palettes, Chisato Shirasagi 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX14 Pastel*Palettes, Maya Yamato 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX15 Pastel*Palettes, Eve Wakamiya 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX16 Roselia, Yukina Minato 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX17 Roselia, Sayo Hikawa 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX18 Roselia, Lisa Imai 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX19 Roselia, Ako Udagawa 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX20 Roselia, Rinko Shirokane 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX21 Hello, Happy World!, Kokoro Tsurumaki 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX22 Hello, Happy World!, Kaoru Seta 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX23 Hello, Happy World!, Hagumi Kitazawa 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX24 Hello, Happy World!, Kanon Matsubara 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX25 Hello, Happy World!, Michelle 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX26 Morfonica, Mashiro Kurata 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX27 Morfonica, Toko Kirigaya 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX28 Morfonica, Nanami Hiromachi 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX29 Morfonica, Tsukushi Futaba 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX30 Morfonica, Rui Yashio 0 Critical EX
D-BT10/EX35 RAISE A SUILEN, CHU² 0 Critical EX

Nation/Grade Breakdown[]

NationGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Total
Dragon Empire 1 6 7 5 19
Dark States - 7 9 3 19
Brandt Gate - 10 7 2 19
Keter Sanctuary 1 7 6 5 19
Stoicheia 1 6 7 5 19
- 35 - - 1 36
Lyrical Monasterio 1 2 1 1 5