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Festival Collection 2022 is the 2nd D-icon.png Special Series released in the Japanese and English formats.



Card List

Card No. Name Grade Nation Type Rarity
D-SS02/001 Sealed Blaze Dragon, Aaushniya 2 Dragon Empire RRR+SP
D-SS02/002 Blaze Maiden, Amelia 1 Dragon Empire RRR+SP
D-SS02/003 Desire Devil, Dofund 3 Dark States Persona Ride RRR+SP
D-SS02/004 Diabolos Madonna, Meagan 2 Dark States RRR+SP
D-SS02/005 Cardinal Dominus, Orfist Regis 3 Brandt Gate Persona Ride RRR+SP+SSR
D-SS02/006 Aurora Battle Princess, Launcher Charleen 3 Brandt Gate Persona Ride RRR+SP
D-SS02/007 Gravidia Peters 1 Brandt Gate RRR+SP
D-SS02/008 Heavenly Command Dragon, Exalute Dragon 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride RRR+SP
D-SS02/009 Dead Sea Spiritualist, Grave゠Zorga 3 Stoicheia Persona Ride RRR+SP+SSR
D-SS02/010 Sylvan Horned Beast, Armadi 2 Stoicheia RRR+SP
D-SS02/011 Blaze Battle Monk, Koukan 3 Dragon Empire Persona Ride RR
D-SS02/012 Sealed Blaze Dragon, Idahm 2 Dragon Empire RR
D-SS02/013 Sealed Blaze Dragon, Samsara 1 Dragon Empire RR
D-SS02/014 Blaze Covert Monk, Kageri 1 Dragon Empire RR
D-SS02/015 Cure Flare Dracokid 0 Dragon Empire Heal RR+SP
D-SS02/016 Diabolos Diver, Emmett 3 Dark States Persona Ride RR
D-SS02/017 Diabolos Boys, Nile 1 Dark States RR
D-SS02/018 Desire Devil, Xitto 1 Dark States RR
D-SS02/019 Brilliant Floral, Uania 0 Dark States Heal RR+SP
D-SS02/020 Cardinal Fang, Dadai 2 Brandt Gate RR
D-SS02/021 Aurora Battle Princess, Barrage Ltra 2 Brandt Gate RR
D-SS02/022 Gravidia Marut 2 Brandt Gate RR
D-SS02/023 Cardinal Principal, Regio 1 Brandt Gate RR
D-SS02/024 Aurora Battle Princess, Horn Apricot 1 Brandt Gate RR
D-SS02/025 Whistling Arrow of Recursion, Obifold 0 Brandt Gate Heal RR+SP
D-SS02/026 Heavenly Judgment of Composition, Heathcourt 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride RR
D-SS02/027 Heavenly Sickle of Pulsation, Repodron 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride RR
D-SS02/028 Tetrafavor Sorceress 2 Keter Sanctuary RR
D-SS02/029 Bard of the Heavenly Instrument, Lutente 1 Keter Sanctuary RR
D-SS02/030 Heartiness Tear Sorceress 0 Keter Sanctuary Heal RR+SP
D-SS02/031 Longing Maid 2 Stoicheia RR
D-SS02/032 Explorer of the Grand Ravine, C. K. Sakatt 2 Stoicheia RR
D-SS02/033 Sylvan Horned Beast, Kamapuu 1 Stoicheia RR
D-SS02/034 Alchemic Hedgehog 0 Stoicheia Heal RR+SP
D-SS02/035 Clouded Miasma 3 Stoicheia Normal Order RR
D-SS02/SSR01 Sealed Blaze Maiden, Bavsargra 3 Dragon Empire Persona Ride SSR
D-SS02/BSR01 Sealed Blaze Sword, Prithivih 3 Dragon Empire Order/Arms BSR
D-SS02/BSR02 Sealed Blaze Shield, Swayanbuh 3 Dragon Empire Order/Arms BSR
D-SS02/BSR03 Sealed Blaze Spear, Aadhitya 3 Dragon Empire Order/Arms BSR
D-SS02/BSR04 Sealed Blaze Gun, Chandra 3 Dragon Empire Order/Arms BSR

Clan/Grade Breakdown

NationGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Total
Dragon Empire 1 3 2 1(+5) 7(+5)
Dark States 1 2 1 2 6
Brandt Gate 1 3 3 2 9
Keter Sanctuary 1 1 1 3 6
Stoicheia 1 1 3 2 7