Tohya Ebata -Apex Ruler- is the 3rd D-icon.png Start Deck released in the Japanese and English formats.


  • A constructed deck consisting of 50 cards.
  • Includes 15 different cards.
  • Introduces the Keter Sanctuary nation.
  • Includes 1 RRR.
  • The official price is 333 Yen.
  • This deck's slogan is "It's my victory! Take it now, the blade of the Heavenly Emperor!".


Card List

Card No. Name Grade Nation Type Amount
D-SD03/001 Apex Ruler, Bastion 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride 4
D-SD03/002 Knight of Heavenly Spear, Rooks 2 Keter Sanctuary 4
D-SD03/003 Knight of Heavenly Sword, Fort 1 Keter Sanctuary 4
D-SD03/004 Knight of Heavenly Bows, Base 0 Keter Sanctuary 1
D-SD03/005 Vehement Witch, Ramana 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride 4
D-SD03/006 Knight of Broadaxe, Rafluke 3 Keter Sanctuary Persona Ride 4
D-SD03/007 Shadow Bow Archer, Lisana 1 Keter Sanctuary 3
D-SD03/008 Platinum Wolf 1 Keter Sanctuary 2
D-SD03/009 Lifesaving Angel, Kurabiel 1 Keter Sanctuary Sentinel 4
D-SD03/010 Spiritual King of Determination, Olbaria 0 Over 1
D-SD03/011 Knight of Heavenly Hammer, Gurgant 0 Keter Sanctuary Critical 4
D-SD03/012 Knight of Heavenly Pierce, Gallus 0 Keter Sanctuary Draw 4
D-SD03/013 Knight of Heavenly Rend, Lif 0 Keter Sanctuary Front 3
D-SD03/014 Healer of Heavenly Staff, Arshes 0 Keter Sanctuary Heal 4
D-SD03/015 The Hour of Holy Judgement Cometh 3 Keter Sanctuary Order 4

Nation/Grade Breakdown

NationGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Total
Keter Sanctuary 16 13 4 16 49
- 1 0 0 0 1

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