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Monster Stike is the 2nd D-icon Title Booster released in the Japanese format.


  • Includes 71 cards (10 RRR, 13 RR, 2 ORR, 15 R, 31 C) + 81 Parallel cards (2 SSR, MSR極 8, MSR 71).
  • Introduces the "Monster Strike" Nation.
  • You are guaranteed to get all 15 types of R cards in a box.
  • Each display includes 2 "Ball Form" Monster Strike PR cards, 1 of them guaranteed to be Mana and the other being randomly picked from 4 other "Ball Form" units from Monster Strike


Card List[]

Card No. Name Grade Nation Type Rarity
D-TB02/001 Spectacular Guardian of the Paradise, Gabriel 2 Monster Strike RRR+MSR+MSR極
D-TB02/002 Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Uriel 3 Monster Strike Persona Ride RRR+MSR+MSR極
D-TB02/003 One Who Spins the Song, Ono no Komachi 2 Monster Strike RRR+MSR+MSR極
D-TB02/004 Absolutely Invincible Great King of Terror, Nostradamus 3 Monster Strike Persona Ride RRR+MSR+MSR極
D-TB02/005 Benevolent Goddess of the Universe, Benzaiten 3 Monster Strike Persona Ride RRR+MSR+SSR
D-TB02/006 Innocent "Sky Deity", Onyankopon 2 Monster Strike RRR+MSR
D-TB02/007 Blessed Girl, Abel 1 Monster Strike RRR+MSR+MSR極
D-TB02/008 Maid of Unbridled Hope, Pandora 3 Monster Strike Persona Ride RRR+MSR+SSR
D-TB02/009 Unique Detective, Sherlock Holmes 2 Monster Strike RRR+MSR+MSR極
D-TB02/010 Phantom Thief, Arsene: Phantom Mode 2 Monster Strike RRR+MSR
D-TB02/011 Legend of the Saving Innovation, Sakamoto Ryoma 3 Monster Strike Persona Ride RR+MSR
D-TB02/012 Great Connector Magical Girl of Bonds, Red-Hood Nonno 3 Monster Strike Persona Ride RR+MSR
D-TB02/013 Best Rock Band of the Cosmos, Wicked Pistols 3 Monster Strike Persona Ride RR+MSR
D-TB02/014 Queen of the Mahoroba Land, Himiko 2 Monster Strike RR+MSR
D-TB02/015 Magical Emperor of Another World, Napoleon 3 Monster Strike Persona Ride RR+MSR
D-TB02/016 Fiendish Magical Girls, Fujin & Raijin 1 Monster Strike RR+MSR
D-TB02/017 Blade Deity of Reincarnation, Mikazuki Munechika 2 Monster Strike RR+MSR
D-TB02/018 Goddess of the Yamatai Land, Mahoroba 1 Monster Strike RR+MSR
D-TB02/019 Heavenly Great Thief, Ishikawa Goemon 1 Monster Strike RR+MSR
D-TB02/020 Taboo Ghost, Setsuna 3 Monster Strike Persona Ride RR+MSR
D-TB02/021 Little Demonic Dance Unit, Mononoke Girl 3 Monster Strike Persona Ride RR+MSR
D-TB02/022 Power of Reunited Emotions, Two for all 2 Monster Strike RR+MSR
D-TB02/023 Tenkagoken of Gloom, Juzumaru Tsunetsugu 1 Monster Strike RR+MSR
D-TB02/024 Bringer of Light, Lucifer 0 Monster Strike Over ORR+MSR+MSR極
D-TB02/025 Immortal Knight King of the Round Table, Arthur 0 Monster Strike Over ORR+MSR+MSR極
D-TB02/026 Black Blazing Executor of Darkness, Lin Zi 3 Monster Strike Persona Ride R+MSR
D-TB02/027 Noble Valkyrie of Piercing Love, Brynhildr 2 Monster Strike R+MSR
D-TB02/028 Angel of Romance and Agreeableness, Mana 1 Monster Strike Sentinel R+MSR
D-TB02/029 Valkyrie of the Unsealed Holy Shield, Athena 3 Monster Strike Persona Ride R+MSR
D-TB02/030 Pure Mermaid Diva, Lorelei 2 Monster Strike R+MSR
D-TB02/031 Spy with a Thousand Faces, Nyarlathotep 2 Monster Strike R+MSR
D-TB02/032 Infinitree, Yggdrasil 2 Monster Strike R+MSR
D-TB02/033 Ruler who reached the Zenith, Toyotomi Hideyoshi 2 Monster Strike R+MSR
D-TB02/034 Agriculture Goddess of the Illuminating Underworld, Persephone 2 Monster Strike R+MSR
D-TB02/035 Demon Lord of the Zenith Heaven's Loyal Supporter, Mori Ranmaru 2 Monster Strike R+MSR
D-TB02/036 True Soul Confessor, Goethe 2 Monster Strike R+MSR
D-TB02/037 Great Magical Girl of Light and Shadow, Rembrandt 2 Monster Strike R+MSR
D-TB02/038 Destruction Blackrose, Harley X 3 Monster Strike Persona Ride R+MSR
D-TB02/039 Illusionary Ninja, Sarutobi Sasuke 1 Monster Strike R+MSR
D-TB02/040 Great Gentleman Thief who Steals Feudal Realms, Nezumi Kozo 1 Monster Strike R+MSR
D-TB02/041 Netherworld Creator, Izanami 3 Monster Strike Persona Ride C+MSR
D-TB02/042 Valkyrie of Breaking Sharp Blade, Yamato 3 Monster Strike Persona Ride C+MSR
D-TB02/043 Great Fiery Deity of Finest Justice, Prometheus 3 Monster Strike Persona Ride C+MSR
D-TB02/044 Netherworld Warden, Gehenna 3 Monster Strike Persona Ride C+MSR
D-TB02/045 Solemn Repose, Requiem 1 Monster Strike C+MSR
D-TB02/046 Grand Honorable, Yamato Takeru 2 Monster Strike C+MSR
D-TB02/047 Queen of Purest Water Spirits, Tequila 2 Monster Strike C+MSR
D-TB02/048 Pure Long-Haired Battle Princess, Rapunzel 2 Monster Strike C+MSR
D-TB02/049 Dreadful Nightmare, Nocturne 2 Monster Strike C+MSR
D-TB02/050 Watcher of the Abyss, Helheim 1 Monster Strike C+MSR
D-TB02/051 Demonic Ruler of Sins, Belphegor 2 Monster Strike C+MSR
D-TB02/052 Jailer of Frozen Lands, Cocytus 2 Monster Strike C+MSR
D-TB02/053 Eight-headed Sacrificial Princess, Kushinada 1 Monster Strike C+MSR
D-TB02/054 Cook of Souls and Life, Nacho 1 Monster Strike C+MSR
D-TB02/055 Ballad of Madness, Serenade 1 Monster Strike C+MSR
D-TB02/056 Worldmaker, Izanagi 3 Monster Strike Persona Ride C+MSR
D-TB02/057 Beloved Wife of the Supreme God, Hera 2 Monster Strike C+MSR
D-TB02/058 Bewitching Dream, Succubus 2 Monster Strike C+MSR
D-TB02/059 Unbroken Ruler of Troubles, Avici 2 Monster Strike C+MSR
D-TB02/060 Song of Emotions, Aria 1 Monster Strike C+MSR
D-TB02/061 Long-cherished Wish, Lady Sun 2 Monster Strike C+MSR
D-TB02/062 Pleasant Raise, March 2 Monster Strike C+MSR
D-TB02/063 Goddess of the Moon Reverie, Tsukuyomi 1 Monster Strike C+MSR
D-TB02/064 Sweet Dream Chocola 1 Monster Strike C+MSR
D-TB02/065 Soul-inviting Guide of the Swamp, Teynemosir 1 Monster Strike C+MSR
D-TB02/066 Gold Egg 0 Monster Strike C+MSR
D-TB02/067 Holy Damsel of Monster Crusade, Martha 0 Monster Strike Critical C+MSR
D-TB02/068 Ruthless Monster-Slaying Hero, Perseus 0 Monster Strike Draw C+MSR
D-TB02/069 New Ruler of Carcosa, Azathoth 0 Monster Strike Front C+MSR
D-TB02/070 Soul-saving White Holy Damsel, Guinevere 0 Monster Strike Heal C+MSR
D-TB02/071 Gacha Redora 0 Monster Strike Order C+MSR

Nation/Grade Breakdown[]

NationGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Total
Monster Strike 8 17 28 18 71