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Monster Strike Super Beast Deity Festival" is the 2nd D Title Trial Deck released in the Japanese format.


  • A constructed deck consisting of 50 cards.
  • Includes 15 different cards (1 RRR) + 17 Parallel cards (1 SSR, 1 MSR Kiwami, 14 MSR)
  • Includes 2 Power Counters.
  • Includes support for the Monster Strike nation.


Card List

Card No. Name Grade Nation Type Amount
D-TTD02/001 Holy Sword of True Bonds, Excalibur 3 Monster Strike Persona Ride 4
D-TTD02/002 Miracle Illustrator, Moses 2 Monster Strike 4
D-TTD02/003 Crush of Despair, Amida 1 Monster Strike 4
D-TTD02/004 Gold Egg 0 Monster Strike 1
D-TTD02/005 Eight Dog Warrior of Wisdom, Inusaka Keno 1 Monster Strike 4
D-TTD02/006 Spirit of the Elegant Flower Nation, Plumeria 2 Monster Strike 4
D-TTD02/007 Destiny Connecter, Hallelujah 2 Monster Strike 4
D-TTD02/008 Shining Purity Maiden, Pearl 1 Monster Strike Sentinel 4
D-TTD02/009 Genesis Deity of the Illuminating World, Atum 3 Monster Strike Persona Ride 4
D-TTD02/010 Magician King of Wisdom, Solomon 0 Monster Strike Draw 3
D-TTD02/011 Divine Arsenal’s Shining Armor, Kamui 0 Monster Strike Front 4
D-TTD02/012 Beast Deity, Godstriker Extreme 0 Monster Strike Front 4
D-TTD02/013 Sephiroth of Hope, Binah 0 Monster Strike Heal 4
D-TTD02/014 Oragon 0 Monster Strike Over 1
D-TTD02/015 Gacha Redora 0 Monster Strike Order 1

Clan/Grade Breakdown

NationGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Total
Monster Strike 18 12 12 8 50