Super Dimensional Robo, Daiyusha

"Daiyusha" (ダイユーシャ Daiyusha) is a series of Battleroid cards with "Daiyusha" in its card name, exclusive to Dimension Police clan. It was firstly introduced in Booster Set 3: Demonic Lord Invasion, while the first support came in Booster Set 13: Catastrophic Outbreak.

It is also part of the Dimensional Robos archetype.


Daiyusha is...

Demonic Lord Invasion (29/08/2011)

  • A messenger of justice who protects the peace of Cray against those from dimensions beyond this one. It belongs to a vigilante corps dedicated to capturing multidimensional criminals from other worlds. When a search found out certain criminal organizations were entering the dimension of Cray, it came to this planet. Its core, arms, legs, and wings are formed from the strongest combination of multiple robots combining as one, allowing it to defeat evil with various techniques, including the Special Instant-Kill Technique "Great Justice Sword".

Dimensional Brave Kaiser (09/08/2013)

  • The final form of "Goyusha", a dimensional hero who protects the peace of the planet. By shouting "Trans-dimension" and combining with four other Dimensional Robos, Goyusha can become "Daiyusha", the powerful battle-specializing form. With five souls of justice, it can utilize multiple weapons, including "Justice Sword", a blade which can only be used by individuals with unwavering heart of soul. Its power makes it a suitable leader for the Dimensional Robos. It overcame the crisis known as "First Assault of Major Division", in which "Link Joker" intended to invade the major division of "Dimension Police", with the help of "Daikaiser". However, "Goyusha" felt guilty for being weak, and desired power subconsciously. "I must become stronger. There is no way but to become stronger." This is the wish of "Daiyusha", born from its pure intention of protecting its comrades. However, it still doesn't know that this wish will give birth to the worst scenario.

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