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"Dark Irregulars" (ダークイレギュラーズ Dāku Iregyurāzu) is a clan from the Dark Zone nation, which has Imaginary Gift Protect icon.


Dark Irregulars focus on quickly soulcharging a large amount of cards, then using effects once the player has a certain amount of soul. Some units gain Power based on the number of cards in the soul while others gain Power when cards are placed in the soul. Dark Irregulars has the Protect Imaginary Gift, which allows them to stall out while Soulcharging more cards.

Known/Notable Fighters



Name Type Description
Chimera Shared
Demon Shared
Elf Shared
Ghost Shared
Human Shared
Succubus Shared
Vampire Shared
Warbeast Shared

Sets containing Dark Irregulars Cards

Booster Sets

Set Name No. of Cards
V Booster Set 02: Strongest! Team AL4 22
V Booster Set 04: Vilest! Deletor 16
V Booster Set 06: Phantasmal Steed Restoration 21

List of Dark Irregulars Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Blitzritter Blitzritter ElfElf Critical Trigger
Cursed Doctor Cursed Doctor HumanHuman Heal Trigger
Dark Knight of Nightmareland Dark Knight of Nightmareland DemonDemon Critical Trigger
Devil in Shadow Devil in Shadow HumanHuman
Hysteric Shirley Hysteric Shirley HumanHuman Draw Trigger
March Rabbit of Nightmareland March Rabbit of Nightmareland WarbeastWarbeast Draw Trigger/Perfect Guard
Vermillion Gatekeeper Vermillion Gatekeeper DemonDemon
Werluchs Gefreiter Werluchs Gefreiter WarbeastWarbeast Critical Trigger

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Alluring Succubus Alluring Succubus SuccubusSuccubus
Anomalous Esper Anomalous Esper HumanHuman
Appalling Thread Appalling Thread HumanHuman Perfect Guard
Cuticle Breaker, Pavla Cuticle Breaker, Pavla HumanHuman
Dimension Creeper Dimension Creeper DemonDemon
Direful Noise Direful Noise HumanHuman
Doreen the Thruster Doreen the Thruster ElfElf
Ignite Proposer Ignite Proposer HumanHuman
Nightmare Baby Nightmare Baby DemonDemon
Pathfinder of Wind Pathfinder of Wind VampireVampire
Prisoner Beast Prisoner Beast ChimeraChimera
Succubus of Dedicated Love Succubus of Dedicated Love SuccubusSuccubus Perfect Guard
Variants Killertail Variants Killertail HumanHuman
Variants Megawing Variants Megawing HumanHuman
Vroukalakas Vroukalakas DemonDemon
Warlike Poisoner Warlike Poisoner HumanHuman
Wertiger Jaeger Wertiger Jaeger WarbeastWarbeast
Werwolf Freiwilliger Werwolf Freiwilliger WarbeastWarbeast
Yellow Bolt Yellow Bolt HumanHuman

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Authority of Water Authority of Water VampireVampire
Awful Nail Awful Nail HumanHuman
Blood Sacrifice, Ruthven Blood Sacrifice, Ruthven VampireVampire
Blue Dust Blue Dust HumanHuman
Cuticle Assassin, Sabina Cuticle Assassin, Sabina HumanHuman
Dark Soul Conductor Dark Soul Conductor ElfElf
Emblem Master Emblem Master HumanHuman
Evileye Artist Evileye Artist ElfElf
Flirtatious Succubus Flirtatious Succubus SuccubusSuccubus
Gwynn the Ripper Gwynn the Ripper ElfElf
Icicle Resistant Icicle Resistant HumanHuman
Imprisoned Fallen Angel, Saraqael Imprisoned Fallen Angel, Saraqael AngelAngel
Metallic-winged Cursed Princess, Rhodia Metallic-winged Cursed Princess, Rhodia HumanHuman
Muddy Toxic Muddy Toxic HumanHuman
Obstacle Offender Obstacle Offender DemonDemon
Sambar Blower Sambar Blower HumanHuman
Silhouette Tracker Silhouette Tracker GhostGhost
Succubus of Seductive Smile Succubus of Seductive Smile SuccubusSuccubus
Succubus of Worldly Affairs Succubus of Worldly Affairs SuccubusSuccubus
Variants Hardleg Variants Hardleg HumanHuman
Variants Shutarm Variants Shutarm HumanHuman
Werbear Verfolger Werbear Verfolger WarbeastWarbeast
Werwolf Sieger Werwolf Sieger WarbeastWarbeast

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Cuticle Killer, Mirche Cuticle Killer, Mirche HumanHuman
Demon Duke of Death, Baal Demon Duke of Death, Baal DemonDemon Protect
Demon Eater Demon Eater ElfElf Protect
Demonic Deep Phantasm Emperor, Brufas Demonic Deep Phantasm Emperor, Brufas DemonDemon Protect
Ghoulish Despoiler Ghoulish Despoiler DemonDemon Protect
Hope on Damp Hope on Damp HumanHuman Protect
King of Masks, Dantarian King of Masks, Dantarian HumanHuman Protect
Master of Fifth Element Master of Fifth Element VampireVampire Protect
No Life King, Death Anchor No Life King, Death Anchor GhostGhost Protect
Number of Terror Number of Terror HumanHuman Protect
Rigor Twister Rigor Twister DemonDemon
Terrifying Fist Terrifying Fist HumanHuman
Variants Dragform Variants Dragform HumanHuman Protect

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