"Deck Regulations" (たいかいレギュレーション Taikai Regyurēshon, literally "Tournament Regulation") refers to a set of rules that restrict or allow a specific cards to certain decks in official tournaments.

Clan Fight

"Clan Fight" is the main regulation for both the Japanese and English games.

  • Card Restrictions are applied.
  • Both a player's main deck and G deck must only contain cards from the same clan, with the exceptions below.
    • Cards whose abilities allow them to be part of any clan can be used in any deck.
    • Cray Elemental cards belong to all clans and nations.
    • Blaster Dark can be included in a Royal Paladin deck. Any Shadow Paladin card other than the mentioned version of Blaster Dark cannot be included.
    • Link Joker decks can have any number of cards with "Я" in their card name.
    • If a card in the G zone has its clan changed, you may still Stride it on your vanguard circle.
    • If Neon Gyze is included in the main deck, the G deck can have any number of <Zeroth Dragon> cards. Even so, you can only Ultimate Stride a <Zeroth Dragon> that shares the same nation as your vanguard.
    • Summer Days at Grand Fest, Try 3 can be included as normal regardless of the other cards' clan.

Extreme Fight

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