Daunting Deletor, Oksizz

Deletor (根絶者デリーター Derītā) is a series of Alien cards in the Link Joker clan, introduced originally in the manga, and then later released in Movie Trial Deck 1: Malefic Deletor and Movie Booster 1: Neon Messiah.


The playstyle of the Deletors revolves around their two namesake mechanics, Delete and Vanish Delete. They have some access to Link Joker's traditional Lock mechanic, but do not use it heavily. By using delete to reduce the opponent's vanguard's power to 0, the Deletors can greatly increase the power of their attacks, encouraging a heavily aggressive playstyle. Vanish delete binds cards from the opponent's drop zone, which can be used to remove cards whose effects activate from the drop zone, or be used with Original Deletor, Egorg for an instant victory.

Many of the Deletors' costs involve retiring their own rear-guards, akin to Shadow Paladin, and many Deletors have abilities that generate card advantage to mitigate these costs.


The majority of Deletors' names often use the obsolete katakana ヰ wi and ヱ we, or the rarely-used katakana ヲ wo. These kana are pronounced with the "w" being silent despite their romanization; for example, ヲクシズ Wokushizu is pronounced "Oksizz." In the case of English, the letter w is removed from the translation.


Who are the Deletors?

"Brandt", the wandering planet that strays in the universe and devours the existence of everything standing in its orbit, had once appeared on the marching path of "Link Joker"'s main force long time ago. Billions of soldiers were devoured by Brandt and were thought to be destroyed, but there were survivors who managed to adapt to the planet's environment. They have spent ages to familiarize their bodies with the planet, and succeeded in developing a symbiotic relationship with the ominously-formed creatures parasiting Brandt. "Link Joker" refers to them as "Deletors", and releases them into the universe once again. They, who are now predominating the planet's environment, continue to trample across the galaxies with Brandt.

List of "Deletor" Cards

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