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"Dimension Police" (ディメンジョンポリス Dimenjon Porisu) is a clan from the nation of Co star Star Gate. This clan is themed around an interdimensional police force, as well as the villains and monsters they protect the universes from.


Dimension Police revolves around overwhelming the opponent with a powerful Vanguard that unlocks abilities when its [Power] Power icon reaches certain thresholds. The clan's rear-guards tend to be on the weaker side, instead they focus on empowering the Vanguard so that it can activate its effects and become more threatening.

The "Villains" side of the clan does the complete opposite, reducing the opponent's [Power] Power icon to make it easier to deal damage to the Vanguard as well as make Damage Shields ineffective, additionally if a rear-guard's [Power] Power icon becomes 0 as a result of these effects that rear-guard is retired.

Fight Skins

Kenji Mitsusada Yuri Usui


Kenji Mitsusada
(Ryokan Yukata)



Name Type Description
Alien Shared
Battleroid Shared
Human Shared


Name Type Description
Daiyusha Archetype
Dimensional Robos Sub-clan
Enigmans Sub-clan

List of Dimension Police Cards

Grade 0

Card Name Race Type
Dimensional Robo, Goyusha Dimensional Robo, Goyusha Battleroid
Enigman Flow Enigman Flow Alien
Larva Beast, Zeal Larva Beast, Zeal Alien
Warrior of Destiny, Dai Warrior of Destiny, Dai Human
Workerpod, Saturday Workerpod, Saturday Workeroid

Grade 1

Card Name Race Type
Commander Laurel Commander Laurel Alien
Cosmo Roar Cosmo Roar Battleroid
Diamond Ace Diamond Ace Alien Perfect Guard
Dimensional Robo, Daibattles Dimensional Robo, Daibattles Battleroid
Dimensional Robo, Dailander Dimensional Robo, Dailander Battleroid
Dimensional Robo, Daimariner Dimensional Robo, Daimariner Battleroid
Eye of Destruction, Zeal Eye of Destruction, Zeal Alien
Enigman Ripple Enigman Ripple Battleroid
Fighting Saucer Fighting Saucer Battleroid
Glory Maker Glory Maker Alien
Karenroid, Daisy Karenroid, Daisy Battleroid
Land Battle Support Type, Enigship Land Battle Support Type, Enigship Battleroid
Magical Police Quilt Magical Police Quilt Human
Psychic Grey Psychic Grey Alien
Speedster Speedster Battleroid

Grade 2

Card Name Race Type
Assault Monster, Gunrock Assault Monster, Gunrock Alien
Cosmic Mothership Cosmic Mothership Battleroid
Cosmic Rider Cosmic Rider Battleroid
Cosmo Beak Cosmo Beak Battleroid
Devourer of Planets, Zeal Devourer of Planets, Zeal Alien
Dimensional Robo, Daidragon Dimensional Robo, Daidragon Battleroid
Dimensional Robo, Daifighter Dimensional Robo, Daifighter Battleroid
Enigman Wave Enigman Wave Alien
Enigroid Comrade Enigroid Comrade Battleroid
Masked Police, Grander Masked Police, Grander Human
Operator Girl, Mika Operator Girl, Mika Human
Platinum Ace Platinum Ace Alien
Super Dimensional Robo, Dailady Super Dimensional Robo, Dailady Battleroid
Twin Order Twin Order Battleroid

Grade 3

Card Name Race Type
Electro-star Combination, Cosmogreat Electro-star Combination, Cosmogreat Battleroid Trigger unit
Enigman Cyclone Enigman Cyclone Alien Trigger unit
Enigman Rain Enigman Rain Alien Trigger unit
Enigman Shine Enigman Shine Alien Trigger unit
Enigman Storm Enigman Storm Alien Trigger unit
Galactic Beast, Zeal Galactic Beast, Zeal Alien Trigger unit
Interdimensional Ninja, Tsukikage Interdimensional Ninja, Tsukikage Alien Trigger unit
Lady Justice Lady Justice Alien Trigger unit
Miracle Beauty Miracle Beauty Alien Trigger unit
Subterranean Beast, Magma Lord Subterranean Beast, Magma Lord Alien Trigger unit
Super Dimensional Robo, Daiyusha Super Dimensional Robo, Daiyusha Battleroid Trigger unit
Ultimate Dimensional Robo, Great Daiyusha Ultimate Dimensional Robo, Great Daiyusha Battleroid Trigger unit

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