The Heterodox Taboo beget by the Evil Eyeㅡ That's Domination!
G-TD13-005EN (Sample)

Demon Stealth Dragon, Shiranui "Oboro"

"Dominate" (はい Shihai) is a keyword exclusive to the Nubatama clan, and introduced in G Trial Deck 13: Evil Eye Sovereign.

How it Works

A "Dominate" ability allows you to change the state of the specified unit to a dominated state. If the ability makes you peform an attack, it is done in the following form:

  • The affected unit changes to [Stand] state if possible, and it becomes dominated.
  • Choose one unit that is not dominated, and the dominated unit goes to attack that unit immediately, then a battle between them occurs.
  • After attacking, if there are no longer units that can be attacked, or if the dominated unit becomes unable to attack more, the unit stops being dominated. The turn continues in the phase where the unit was originally dominated.


  • As long as an opponent's unit is dominated, the player who dominates it will be regarded as the master of that unit, not his or her opponent.
  • The new master who dominated is referred to as the "dominating player", and his or her opponent is referred to as "original master".
  • When dominating multiple units, all units becomes dominated simultaneously. Their attacks are performed one at a time, until there are no longer units that can be attacked or that are able to attack. After finishing the last attack, all units stops being dominated simultaneously.
  • If a Legion Leader or Mate becomes dominated, so does the other unit.
  • During the battle, the dominated unit's automatic abilities are resolved by the dominating player. Continuous abilities are active as long as possible.
    • Any cost is paid by using the dominating player's cards, including dominated units.
    • Any effect is played by using the dominating player's cards, including dominated units.
    • Requirements and conditions are checked by using the dominating player's cards as reference, including dominated units.
    • Abilities with "at the beginning/end of (step)" can be used, but not "at the beginning/end of (phase)".
  • The circle where the dominated unit is in is now referred to from the dominating player's point of view.
    • If it is in the left column of the master, it is now on the right column of the dominating player.
    • When a circle changes its point of view, it is considered to be in neither player's front nor back row. Therefore, the dominated unit cannot boost, be boosted, nor intercept, and it can attack from the back row.
    • The circle itself is not dominated. While it does change its point of view, it does not change masters.
    • Gift Markers also do not change masters, so a dominated unit will not gain power from a Force or Accel Gift Marker as they only take effect during their owner's turn.
  • If the dominated unit moves due to an effect or cost:
    • If it moves to a non-circle zone, it moves to the zone of the owner of that card.
    • If it moves to a circle, the master of that circle and the owner of that card are different, so the move cannot be performed.
  • During the battle in which a dominated vanguard is attacking:
    • The drive check is performed from the dominating player's deck.
    • The original master cannot call units to (GC), because he or she does not have a vanguard who fulfills the grade requirement. However, the original master can still intercept, and superior call any units to (GC) as long as they do not ask for a specified vanguard.
  • The dominating player cannot call or ride on top of a dominated unit, nor even move dominated units, as long as the circle's master is different from its owner.

Comprehensive Rulings

Comprehensive Rules: English Edition (December 14th, 2018)

  • 10.35 - To Dominate
  • 11.23 - Dominate

List of Cards

Grade 3

Grade 4

List of Support Cards

Grade 0

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

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  • In the anime, the ability is depicted by the opponent unit's eyes turning red, and taking on a frenzied disposition.
    • When the Dominate ability was first used in the anime, a blood-curdling scream was also heard in the background.
  • In lores, this ability's origin comes as a portion of Evil God Bishop, Gastille. It is based on the fact that the living dead in Relics are bound to fight between them forever.

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