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Drive (ドライブ Doraibu) is a value that determines the number of drive checks your unit is able to perform while attacking. Aside from the draw phase, drive checks are the main way to increase the player's hand. In the lore, a drive check represents a new ally joining the player's army.

By default, all units have a drive of 1. This can be modified by effects (usually written as drive+n or drive-n). If a unit's drive is 0 or less, then it does not perform any drive checks.

Vanguards with the ability to re-[Stand] Stand themselves, and effects that allow a player to Superior Ride a grade 3 or greater unit, typically give a penalty to their drive value as a way to limit the player from completely overwhelming their opponent or adding too many cards to their hand via drive checking.

Drive Check[]

Drive Check is a game mechanic a player must perform when their Vanguard has declared an attack. A drive check is performed during a battle's drive step, which comes after the guard step.

The following process is performed for a drive check:

  1. Reveal the top card of your deck, and put it into the trigger zone face up.
  2. If that card has a trigger effect, resolve all of its actions immediately, in any order.
  3. After that, resolve all abilities that were activated by the drive check, if any, in any order.
  4. If the card is still in the trigger zone, put that card into your hand.
  5. Repeat this process as many times as the number of your attacking unit's drive.

By default, only your Vanguard (or Legion Leader in that case) is able to perform drive checks, but it is also possible to have a rear-guard perform a drive check. In that case, the drive step applies to that unit as well.

In Skill icons[]

Currently, there are two skill icons which modify the normal amount of drive checks.

  • Twin Drive!! Sk twindrive: Increases the unit's drive by 1. (For a total of 2 drives)
  • Triple Drive!!! Sk tripledrive: Increases the unit's drive by 2. (For a total of 3 drives)

These skill icons are not cumulative. Only the one that give the highest increase, and was applied last, take effect.

If they are lost from a unit, that unit's drive value return to 1. This is most commonly found in older Grade 3 or greater cards.

Mechanics Related to Drive[]