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Duo Temptation, Reit (Black)


Duo Temptation, Reit (White)

"Duo" (Duoデュオ Dyuo) is a series of cards exclusive to the Bermuda Triangle clan, introduced in Extra Booster: Divas Duet. Some of their members also belong to or support other series, like Pacifica and PR♥ISM.

Excluding both legion pairs, all members of the Duo archetype have two different artworks, a black version and a white version, hence the naming.

The Duo playstyle revolves around utilizing cards with the same name for various purposes. They might power up cards with the same name (Duo Beast Ear, Lu Lu), reveal cards with the same name from hand to unflip a card used to pay a Counterblast cost (Duo Night Wing, Tangariro), search the Deck for copies of cards (Duo Mini Heart, Rhone), or use cards with the same name to pay a skill's cost (Duo Temptation, Reit).


Who are the Duos?

It is a special project that promote idols with "black" and "white" costumes and characters. The promotion method is also complicated, ranging from the common setting of "outer self and inner self" to "treating white and black as different individuals", and it is different for every member. The project includes not only rookies but also famous idols of other groups, making it a huge project of the entertainment industry.

List of "Duo" Cards[]


Grade 0[]

Card Name Race Type
Duo Cotton Sleeper, Ichika Mermaid
Duo Grampus Turn, Shannon Mermaid Trigger (Critical)
Duo Lamplight Melody, Tigris Mermaid Trigger (Draw)
Duo Love Joker, Chulym Mermaid Trigger (Critical)
Duo Lovers Singer, Darling Mermaid
Duo Minimum Truth, Rhone Mermaid
Duo Morning Charm, Liffey Mermaid Trigger (Draw)
Duo Night Wing, Tangariro Mermaid Trigger (Stand)
Duo Pride Crown, Madeira Mermaid Trigger (Critical)
Duo Soulful Melody, Selenga Mermaid Trigger (Stand)
Duo Treasure Hunter, Suwannee Mermaid
Duo Tropical Healer, Medjerda Mermaid Trigger (Heal)
PR♥ISM-Duo, Tisza Mermaid

Grade 1[]

Card Name Race Type
Duo Achievement Promise, Colima Mermaid Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Duo Afternoon Tea, Parana Mermaid
Duo Beast Ear, Lu Lu Mermaid
Duo Caprice Cats, Marjona Mermaid
Duo Clear Parasol, Kura Mermaid
Duo Create Quill, Ilya Mermaid Sentinel (Quintet Wall)
Duo Dream Idol, Main Mermaid
Duo Gorgeous Lady, Kazuha Mermaid
Duo Happy Diary, Sheryl Mermaid
Duo Making Dream, Iori Mermaid
Duo Petit Etoile, Peace Mermaid
Duo Pretty Horn, Ural Mermaid
Duo Promise Day, Colima Mermaid Sentinel (Quintet Wall)
Duo Shiny Tone, Cikola Mermaid
PR♥ISM-Duo, Aria Mermaid Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
PR♥ISM-Duo, Loretta Mermaid
PR♥ISM-Duo, Yarmouk Mermaid

Grade 2[]

Card Name Race Type
Duo Blue Marine Chateau, Thames Mermaid
Duo Beloved Child of the Sea Palace, Minamo Mermaid
Duo Creamy Caramel, Cornet Mermaid
Duo Dream Idol, Sana Mermaid
Duo Falling Heart, Quancy Mermaid
Duo Fantasia, Lamry Mermaid
Duo Kelpie Jockey, Syr Darya Mermaid
Duo Lovely Devil, Vepar Mermaid
Duo Magical Mic, Shalwien Mermaid
Duo Memorial Days, Sheryl Mermaid
Duo Mini Heart, Rhone Mermaid
Duo Stream Showtime, Paytonia Mermaid
Duo Toy Box, Menam Mermaid
Duo White Crystal, Ricca Mermaid
PR♥ISM-Duo, Avon Mermaid
PR♥ISM-Duo, Slaney Mermaid

Grade 3[]

Card Name Race Type
Duo Delicious Girl, Ciao Mermaid
Duo Eternal Sister, Meer Mermaid
Duo Falling Heart, Victoria Mermaid
Duo Flower Girl, Lily Mermaid
Duo Lady Canotier, Salinas Mermaid
Duo Lovely Angel, Nemuel Mermaid
Duo Sprinkle Light, Priani Mermaid
Duo Stage Storm, Iori Mermaid
Duo Sweet Rhythm, Vilaine Mermaid
Duo Temptation, Reit Mermaid
Duo True Sister, Meer Mermaid

Grade 4[]

Card Name Race Type
Duo Absolute Sister, Meer Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Duo Amazing Sister, Meer Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Duo Everlasting, Reit Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Duo Idol Emperal, Kuna Mermaid G unit (Stride)
Legendary PR♥ISM-Duo, Nectaria Mermaid G unit (Stride)

V Premium[]

Grade 1[]

Card Name Race Type
Duo Pretty Horn, Ural (V Series) Mermaid

Grade 2[]

Card Name Race Type
Duo Mini Heart, Rhone (V Series) Mermaid

Grade 3[]

Card Name Race Type
Duo Temptation, Reit (V Series) Mermaid Force

Grade 4[]

Card Name Race Type
Legendary PR♥ISM-Duo, Nectaria (V Series) Mermaid Force