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Emi Sendou is a recurring character in Cardfight!! Vanguard (V Series Anime). She is Aichi's younger sister and has an interest in Vanguard who has yet to be seen playing. During the events of Cardfight!! Vanguard Extra Story -IF-, in which history is distorted by Aichi not receiving Blaster Blade from Toshiki Kai, this version of Emi is a magical girl part of the Blaster Pair serving as the series' main protagonist.


She is honest and caring, often worrying about her brother.


Emi is first introduced wearing the Miyaji Academy school uniform, a black blouse and knee-length skirt. Her casual attire consists of light blue blouse and a dark blue skirt with a small white bag to her side.

During the events of -IF-, the version of Emi from the distorted reality wears Aichi's signature light blue jacket with a dark blue undershirt and white skirt. In her magical girl outfit is coloured white with blue highlights and a pink ribbon tied on the back, as well as white beret with yellow ribbon tied to it. Once the true history is restored, a slightly changed version of this magical girl outfit serves as her casual attire.


Emi had often worried about her brother, Aichi as along with his timid personality he was prone to bullying, however this changed one day when he came back home later than usual but with a smile across his face. Curious as to the sudden change in her brother, Emi took to investigating the reason behind it which lead her the Card Capital and Cardfight!! Vanguard. Here she saw for herself how the game changed her brother for the better making him break out of his usual timid persona.

In the world of -IF-, Emi's worries for her brother only grew when one day he left the house and never returned. In search of Aichi, she meets the card fairy Shuka who together they form the pair of magical girls, Blaster Pair, in hopes of getting back Aichi by defeating Jammer. The two would later join up with Kouji Ibuki and Suiko Tatsunagi who similarly wanted to restore the history which had been distorted by Jammer.

Following on from the start point of the -IF- series in the now restored history, Emi goes along with Aichi to a Vanguard event and are helped by Ibuki along the way. When asked what her favourite unit was she replies with 'The card with a cute girl in a black outfit' much to the confusion of those around. During the stage play portion of the event after Vangaro enters the stage, Shuka jumps out of the costume, inviting Emi on stage to act with her. Announcing that they are Blaster Pair, the magical girls of a soon to start show.


  • Emi is the first main female protagonist of a season of the Cardfight!! Vanguard anime.
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