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Official Energy card

Energy (エネルギー Enerugī) is a numeric value that each player has.

How it works[]

  • The lower limit of Energy is 0. There is no upper limit to Energy unless imposed by an effect.
  • Two actions can be done with Energy:
    • Energy Blast (X) - Reduce your Energy by X. An Energy Blast cost cannot be paid if you have less Energy than the specified amount.
    • Energy Charge (X) - Increase your Energy by X. If as a result of this your Energy would become more than the upper limit, it only increases up to that upper limit.

Representing Energy[]


Official Energy Counter

The amount of Energy a player has can be represented in one of two ways:

  1. Energy cards.
    • When doing so, place a number of Energy cards on top of your "Energy Generator" equal to the amount of Energy you have.
    • Any combinations of arts on the Energy cards can be used.
    • Only officially distributed Energy cards may be used.
  2. Energy Counter + Fighter's Coin
    • When doing so, place the Energy Counter in such a way that it does not disrupt play, then put the Fighter's Coin on top of the specified number of Energy.
    • Only an officially distributed Energy Counter may be used, but any object can be used as a Fighter's Coin, with the following exceptions:
      • Objects that are too large (more than 2.5cm in diameter and 4.0cm in height)
      • Objects that are unstable and could easily be tipped over
      • Objects that have numbers on them which could represent an increase or decrease in a number, such as numbered dice
      • Objects that are already forbidden by the floor rules, such as coins, banknotes or electronic devices.