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"Engorge" (ぼうしょく Bōshoku) is a keyword exclusive to the Tachikaze clan, and introduced in G Technical Booster 1: The RECKLESS RAMPAGE.

How It works

An "Engorge" ability only activates when the unit possessing it declares its attack. When it does, you may retire one or more of your rear-guards (except the attacking unit). If you retired at least one rear-guard this way, the attacking unit becomes engorged, and it remains in an engorged state until end of turn. The amount of units you retired with an "Engorge" ability can be important regarding other effects that require checking for a specific number of units retired during the same turn.

Effect Use Timing

  • "When this unit becomes engorged..." refers to when the unit changes from not being engorged state to being engorged state in order to be activated.
  • "If this unit is engorged..." refers to whether the unit is engorged state at that moment after being activated.

List of Cards

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Grade 4

List of Support Cards

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  • In the anime, activating Engorge is depicted as the Vanguard literally devouring the retired rearguards.
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