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Enigman Storm

The "Enigmans" (イニグマン Iniguman) are a series of Alien cards that include "Enigman" in its card name exclusive to the Dimension Police clan, and introduced in Booster Set 4: Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows before forming into a sub-clan with the release of G Extra Booster 1: Cosmic Roar. The sub-clan would be re-introduced for the V Premium format with the release of V Special Series 05: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.5. Their designs are based on the Tokusatsu franchise, Ultraman, also known as Ultra Series.


Who are the Enigmans?

They are superheroes who joined "Dimension Police" as the clan was established. They possess superb combat skills and in-depth knowledge about the Cosmic Monsters; more importantly, their hearts are searing with justice, and they treat protecting Cray from the evil as their tasks. Each of the Enigmans has his or her own signature move and/or signature weapon, and they always defeat the Cosmic Monsters using their signature moves. Due to the many achievements they have acquired, the title "Enigman" is described as nearly the top title among Dimension Police, and they are admired by both heroes and youngsters who dream of becoming heroes.


The name "Enigman" is a portmanteau of the words "Enigma", which essentially means "person of contradiction", and "Man".


Being one of the first Dimension Police themes to be introduced in the game as well as one of the first Ride Chains, members of the Enigman theme carried the common distinction where their skills on (VC) would only be active when their [Power] Power icon reached a certain threshold at the beginning of their attack step, prior to any additions in [Power] Power icon given by [Boost] Sk boost. The members of the theme thus relied on units within the Dimension Police clan that were able to increase the [Power] Power icon of the vanguard prior to battle.

G Standard would see the theme expand into becoming a sub-clan of it's own with the supporting units oriented around increasing the [Power] Power icon of the vanguard, usually in increments of +4000 and from a variety of different sources such as via removing cards from the soul. The first main unit received in G Standard, Enigman Tornado is able to ride Enigman Storm from soul at the conclusion of a battle where it hits while also securing the necessary [Power] Power icon for Storm to receives it [Critical] Critical icon+1 allowing for an aggressive play that can be done prior to Generation Break.

Later support would see the sub-clan receive units which increased the consistency of the Enigman Storm Ride Chain via having units which counted as Ripple and Wave when present on (VC) or in soul while the final wave of Enigman support would serve as general support for the Burst keyword with only the vanguard unit, Enigman Gigastorm being exclusively focused around the Enigman sub-clan. This final wave of support oriented around the Burst keyword not only increased the [Power] Power icon of other units, but confer useful benefits to the vanguard such as Enigman Helm giving the player the ability to retire any grade 3 or lower guardians during the turn or the sentinel, Enigman Calm who is able to return to hand from drop zone at the end of a battle where a vanguard with the Burst ability attacks.

The sub-clan would be re-introduced in V Premium with the release of Enigman Storm who while featuring a skill that increases it's own [Power] Power icon for every Enigman in soul, is the lone member of the sub-clan present in V Premium. Enigman Storm itself replicates the skills of it's original counterpart via increasing it's [Critical] Critical icon should its power meet a certain threshold at beginning of attack step while also being able to increase it's drive and [Stand] Stand at the conclusion of it's battle if further thresholds in [Power] Power icon are met.

List of "Enigman" Cards[]


Grade 0[]

Card Name Race Type
Enigman Fall Alien Trigger (Critical)
Enigman Feign Alien Trigger (Heal)
Enigman Flow Alien
Enigman Mistral Alien Trigger (Draw)
Enigman Sunset Alien Trigger (Critical)
Enigman Warm Alien Trigger (Draw)
Enigman Zephyr Alien

Grade 1[]

Card Name Race Type
Enigman Blanc Alien
Enigman Calm Alien Sentinel (Perfect Guard)
Enigman Cloud Alien
Enigman Ripple Alien
Enigman Squall Alien
Enigman Swirl Alien

Grade 2[]

Card Name Race Type
Enigman Crescent Alien
Enigman Helm Alien
Enigman Night Sky Alien
Enigman Sirocco Alien
Enigman Wave Alien

Grade 3[]

Card Name Race Type
Enigman Cyclone Alien
Enigman Gigastorm Alien
Enigman Megacurrent Alien
Enigman Rain Alien
Enigman Shine Alien
Enigman Storm Alien
Enigman Tornado Alien

Grade 4[]

Card Name Race Type
Enigman Patriot Alien G unit (G guardian)
Super Giant of Light, Enigman Crossray Alien G unit (Stride)

V Premium[]

Grade 3[]

Card Name Race Type
Enigman Storm (V Series) Alien Force

List of "Enigman" Support[]


Grade 2[]

Card Name Race Type
Enigroid Comrade Battleroid