Episode 116: Reunion with the Wind is the 12th episode of Cardfight!! Vanguard: Season 3 in the Cardfight!! Vanguard Anime.


The Cardfight Club receives an invitation to and then registers for the upcoming Vanguard Fight High School Championship, a tournament that will feature high school Vanguard teams from all over Japan. Naoki Ishida suggests to check out some of the competition, which leads to the club visiting Fukuhara High, a private high school that is associated with Team Asteroid. The club is greeted by Tetsu Shinjou, who leads everyone into the school where they watch a cardfight between Asaka Narumi and Leon Soryu, much to Aichi's surprise. Asaka Narumi tries to end the game by using Starlight Melody Tamer, Farah's Personablast and the Pale Moon strategy of superior calling units from the soul during the battle phase for additional attacks. Despite the multi-pronged assault, Leon defends himself and then rides Last Card, Revonn on top of Blue Flight Dragon, Trans-core Dragon. This activates the latter's Break Ride effect, forcing Asaka to discard a card from her hand. He then utilizes the Limit Break of Revonn to gain more power and critical value. Also getting a heal trigger, Leon plows through Asaka's defenses for a comeback victory.

Afterwards, Leon gets reacquainted with Aichi, telling him that he and Team Dreadnought are now enrolled in a high school at Hong Kong; they have also been invited to participate in Japan's VF High School Championship. Then, Tetsu offers someone from the Miyaji Cardfight Club for a match. Ever eager to play, Naoki accepts, and Tetsu arranges for his opponent to be Ultra Rare's Suiko Tatsunagi, who is revealed to be a student of Fukuhara High. But when Naoki comments that Suiko's sailor uniform does not suit her, she gets peeved as the two begin their battle. 



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