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Episode 117: The Powerful Fukuhara High is the 13th episode of Cardfight!! Vanguard: Season 3 in the Cardfight!! Vanguard Anime.


After Naoki Ishida makes another offhand comment towards Suiko Tatsunagi, the two start their cardfight. Suiko criticizes Naoki for being a good but uninteresting fighter. He tries to prove her wrong when he activates the Limit Break of his new ace card: Armor Break Dragon. At the cost of discarding three cards from his hand, Naoki not only eliminates Suiko's front-row rear-guard units, but he also increases Armor Break Dragon's power and critical value to unbelievable heights. Despite this, Suiko defends against Naoki's attacks with almost all of the cards in her hand. On the following turn, Suiko wins the game with Chief Nurse, Shamsiel, moving cards to and from her damage zone thereby increasing most of her units' power.

Afterwards, Naoki apologizes to his friends for his loss and realizes how weak he actually is. Shingo Komoi cheers him up (although with some harsh choice of words) and says that he'll train Naoki to become stronger. Then, Ren Suzugamori appears and is revealed to be the captain of Fukuhara High's Vanguard Club. Ren suggests to have a match with Aichi, showing him a glimpse of his reversioned Shadow Paladin deck. But this turns out to be a tease from Ren, who retracts his match request and dismisses everyone. As the Miyaji Cardfight Club and Team Dreadnought leave Fukuhara High, Leon Soryu tells Aichi that if he wants to fight Dreadnought at the VF High School Championship, then he will have to first defeat Fukuhara High at the regional qualifying tournament. 



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