Episode 122: Naoki, the Challenger is the 18th episode of Cardfight!! Vanguard: Season 3 in the Cardfight!! Vanguard Anime.


The members of the Miyaji Cardfight Club draw lots to decide who will play against the Fukuhara Vanguard club in the final round of the Kanto regional qualifier. Naoki Ishida is selected to be first, Kourin Tatsunagi is second, and Aichi Sendou is third. After some pre-fight conversations between Miyaji and Fukuhara, the two teams send their fighters for the first game.

Naoki once again fights against Suiko Tatsunagi. Unlike what happened in their previous encounter, Naoki chooses to not preemptively use the Limit Break of Armor Break Dragon  in order to maintain the cards in his hand. He survives Suiko's Break Ride combo attack, but he is left in a tough situation and begins to question himself. With some encouragement from Aichi, Naoki trusts his instincts and activates Armor Break Dragon's Limit Break, climactically winning the game and putting Miyaji up 1-0.

For the second game, Miyaji's Kourin Tatsunagi will face Fukuhara's Asaka Narumi.



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Cardfight!!Vanguard Episode 122 English Subbed

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