Beyond the Bond is the 50th of Cardfight!! Vanguard: Season 3 of the Cardfight!! Vanguard Anime.


The fight between Aichi and Kai continues. Aichi Crossbreakrides into Gancelot Zenith, and with Zenith's Limit Break he calls out a super-powerful Phallon. However, his attacks are all in vain when Kai guards with two Perfect Guards. Kai then declares Final Turn and breakrides into Chaos Breaker Dragon, locking both Phallons with Infinite Zero and Chaos Breaker's skills. Aichi guards against Chaos Breaker Dragon with his Quintet Wall, but no wall proved to be too high for Kai and the Clown to conquer as Chaos Breaker Dragon's attack goes through Aichi's guard when Kai drive checks a Heal Trigger. Kai defeats Aichi, turns, says that he does not need his deck anymore and how Link Joker is within him, and walks away after saying his goodbye while Aichi collapses in pain. Aichi's friends are unable to help him as Aichi continues to fall into a trance. Thankfully, in the nick of time, Leon Soryu arrives with the twins carrying a wardrobe mirror. The spirit of the real Takuto, who no longer has a physical body, helps Aichi to temporiarly stop the Reverse process. As Takuto is invisible to those who do not possess Psyqualia, Leon explains to everyone that if Aichi fights again, "Reverse" would attack his body, and he could lose his life in the process. Rejecting the help of Aichi, Jillian, and Sharlene, Leon entrusts Aichi in the care of the gang as he and Takuto prepare to enter the Tatsunagi building. Sharlene hands Leon a heart-shaped pocket mirror, allowing the real Takuto to enter into the building without the large and bulky wardrobe mirror the twins have been holding the entire time. After promising the twins he will return the mirror, Leon and Takuto walk into the building to face the Reversed Takuto....



Episode 154 Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Animation


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