Jurassic Army (ジュラシックアーミー) is the 27th episode of Cardfight!! Vanguard: Season 1 in the Cardfight!! Vanguard Anime.


The national tournament preliminary rounds begin! Team Q4 discovers that they are put in the same block as Team Asteroid,  Ren Suzugamori's team and previous winners. To his great surprise, Aichi discovers that Kai not only personally knows one of Asteroid's members, but is also acquainted with Suzugamori Ren. They are soon forced to forget about Asteroid, though, since the first round begins and pits them against Team Jurassic Army, a group of militaristic cardfighters using the brutal Tachikaze clan. Aichi takes the first match against Gunji, and though he allows himself to take damage and use the skill of Blaster Blade effectively, he is cornered by the Tachikaze ace, Tyrant Death Rex...


Episode 27 Official Cardfight!! Vanguard 1st Season

Episode 27 Official Cardfight!! Vanguard 1st Season


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