Demon World General (魔界の将軍) is the 32nd episode of Cardfight!! Vanguard: Season 1 in the Cardfight!! Vanguard Anime.


The match between Aichi and Tetsu continues while an anxious Kamui watches. Confronted by Nagisa, Gouki and Emi, who learned of the situation via Team Caesar, Kamui is motivated to support Aichi. Aichi begins to make a comeback by shutting down his opponent's offense and evening out the damage with a heal trigger, but Tetsu rides Demon World Marquis Amon, and with a critical trigger, pushes Aichi down to five damage. Aichi gains a vision of the Royal Paladin knights joined together, and draws and rides Soul Savior Dragon, whose effect he uses to power up all his units. Regardless, Tetsu manages to block, and during his next turn rides Still Vampir. That card has a deadly effect that replaces the opponent's Vanguard with another Rear Guard, thus Aichi is forced to ride Knight of the Future Llew. In this weakened form, he is unable to withstand Tetsu's attack and suffers a terrible defeat. It seems as if all hope is not lost, as Jurassic Army loses to Muscle Brain and a 3-way tie is formed, but Ultra Rare decides to let Jurassic Army progress. Ren meets up with Q4 and tries to get Kai to rejoin his team, but Kai refuses him, and Ren blames Aichi for Q4's failure.


Episode 32 Official Cardfight!! Vanguard 1st Season

Episode 32 Official Cardfight!! Vanguard 1st Season


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