Activate! Limit Break! is the 2nd episode of Cardfight!! Vanguard: Season 2 in the Cardfight!! Vanguard Anime.


Aichi wakes up and discovers that it was not a dream. Overwhelmed from losing his Royal Paladin Deck, he begins to get depressed and head to the park instead of Card Capital. He meets Kai there unexpectedly. Like the rest, Kai does not recall having his deck being changed. Aichi explains to him that their deck was changed. Kai believes Aichi that he is not lying. He challenges Aichi to a fight as it might give them a hint on his memories.

During the fight, Kai uses his Narukami deck well but on the other hand Aichi loses his confidence from using the Gold Paladin. When Aichi rides Knight of Superior Skills, Beaumains, Kai catches a vision on Blaster Blade, Aichi's avatar.

This is the only time that Kai is able to recall something from Royal Paladin. The fight concludes when Kai activates Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion's Limit Break .

Overwhelmed by the power of the limit break, Aichi loses. An advertisement beside them reveals Takuto to be the organiser of the upcoming Vanguard Fight Circuit, which is taking place in Singapore. They decide have no choice but to enter the Circuit to learn the truth. However, Kai suggest that he and Aichi should take their own path. The episodes ends when Aichi goes back to Card Capital and they receives a invitation to the Circuit.[1]



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