Fight Formats are different modes in which a Cardfight!! Vanguard match can be played. All players' decks in a fight must conform to the same Fight Format.

Each format provides its own rules. Unless otherwise stated, the Standard Fight Rules are also applied in each format.

Official Tournaments

Clan Fight regulations and Card Restrictions are applied in all official tournaments. There are two official tournament formats:


Premium Standard

  • All cards that have been printed so far may be used.

Special Formats

Pack Fight

  • Players open sealed booster packs and build decks using only cards they get from there, then play cardfights using those decks.

Relay Fight

Main article: Relay Fight Rules
  • A cardfight consisting of teams 3 vs 3. Each team picks one of their members to begin fighting each other, and when one of them loses, they are eliminated and one of their teammates takes over the fight in their place. The first team to have all three of their members eliminated loses.

Tag Fight

Main article: Tag Fight Rules
  • A cardfight consisting of teams 2 vs 2, where each team sits together on one side of the table. Damage is shared between teammates; the first team to get to 9 damage loses.

Flash Fight

  • A main deck consists of 25 cards.
  • Only 4 damage is needed to win the game.
  • Only 8 trigger units are allowed per deck, including a maximum of 2 heal triggers.

Draft Fight

  • Players open sealed booster packs and take turns selecting cards from the packs to build decks.
Main article: Booster Draft

Rank Fight

Main article: Rank Fight

Character Fight

These are single-player cardfights where the opponent's deck is simulated using dice rolls.

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